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Five to nine AM each and every weekday Mike joins Chris black Jon Dahl right here on. Yeah. I know it's dollar. He knows. I know. All right, Mike, what's up, man? How are you? Not too much for me. It's draft. We feel we're pumped up and we're excited. And if we take a look at that first pick in the NFL draft the cardinals hold it is it a smart move for them to take Hyler Murray with that first pick. I think it could move that you can more than justify now. I Jack I like the lack of last year graph. And quite frankly, the one thing I would love for Josh Rosen stability because he never had any UCLA any already experienced less of it in the NFL. That means that you're not gonna go along with Marie as the guy's rock solid. He's so gifted we know as an athlete, but the things that he did in Lincoln Riley offense at that. We know just produced a very competent passer, and I and I don't think has natural leadership skills. I don't know that for sure, but it's hard to match the kind of its Dr Baker has been confirmed by so many. But I've been Keiler is going to be an easy number one pick and a guy that you can build a lot around today's NFL if they do take Murray does Josh is Josh Rosen value more before they take him or after they draft him. I think in my mind they could afford to wait. I think he's down. Fortunately, at this point is going to be about the same teams at times, we'll get desperate around the draft and maybe reach but Josh Rosen NATO people talk about the giants or songs destination and having six seventeenth most people's consensus was will you probably wouldn't need to give up the seventeen the way the NFL is soured on Josh Rosen after one season in a terrific offense in Arizona. So while I don't think it's necessarily fair. I think values at a place where they can afford to wait it out. She what team doing the draft and might take a look at their situation. You know, what maybe we can do better for that guy post wrap? So many of these deals have got to talk to Mike Panama on the show today. Golick and wingo, and he said so much of this. And so many of the deals are made in these month leading up to the draft. So maybe their appeals have already talked to Arizona already. You're going to go in draft knowing we're going to do this under the guise of were maybe. Getting Josh Rosen after this already that's Michael junior. He's on with Chris Beckenham dollar here on ESPN one thousand and ESPN app. So if the cardinals don't take Murray a lot of people assume that the number one pick overall in the NFL draft going in as based on talent would be Nick Bosa the defensive end from Ohio State. What do you see from Bosa on tape? Nicholas av. Joey comp is easy easy. All but they do a lot of the same thing, fix regarded. Maybe a little bit better athlete. You know? I think he's a little stiffer in the hips. I think he you know, the injury. I don't worry about as much other than the fact that you have some of the same questions that a little more justify would Nick. I don't think he's as good a player. Joey if you're giving me the number one overall pick. That's not a quarterback you're saying just go Williams the best player in this draft far. None I don't really see that as even close, quite frankly. And that's even with Nick and the conversation. I think Nick is a very good player. I think Nick like is brother is a polish player. I just you know, I for whatever reason I watched the tape it as a former office of why would you live, and would I be the most afraid to block and he does not flag the way the Quin Williams slacks model as it is NFL mock draft season I've seen a ton of calories going. First. And then I've seen ones with Wayne Haskins. I've seen Daniel Jones, I've seen ones withdrew block after Cuyler who do you? What do you think is the next best town? I think it'd be asking I think at times the tendency can be especially if the draft process to over think things comes from an offense that would Ryan day at a lot of NFL principles. Ryan, Dave's hall chip Kelly guy and a guy that ran off and very successful happens was put up to him. So he was productive and well coast, which are things I think in the NFL today where you got your reps in fewer opportunities to develop young players, especially ones that usually a quarterback have to see the field a lot earlier. I think that head agree matters seems like a bright kid we've seen making around. We got a chance to talk to him. He seems to check all those boxes and measurable six two six three to twenty five to thirty an easy sell the people in a lot of those things. I think why over thick something like that the guy looked polish. The guy has the ability to make a lot of those rose. I think he would be in my mind to clear number two class. College of a one Michael junior on ESPN one thousand with. Chris black ama- dollar, so Mike if you take a look at linebackers one of my favorite players watch last season in college football was Devon white from LSU. He was outstanding. What do you see him doing on the next level being dominant? I saw football had him by far the best job best path defender in this linebacker class as far as being able to drop into coverage. We've seen any so ranges so athletic as far as being able to go sideline to sideline you guys bore witness to this Chicago, you can take middle linebackers in the top ten in the modern fell this. We'll look at the draft class. We're talking about three tight ends may be going in the first round this year, the currency of the modern bell is right. Upstate street dead center down the middle offense and defense and Devon white paces class. He's unbelievable athlete. He played him be tough conference in college football. He's seen about every style of play. Because of that. I think he's a no-brainer quite frankly him and Devon Bush. That's an easy one and one for me. Michigan middle linebacker guy. I saw up close and personal against Notre Dame. Both ungodly fast. You watch people especially anyone that wants to try and stretch the field for Zahi fail miserably with these guys. I've heard a lot of talk about tight ends. And I've heard a lot of talk about running backs really the glamour positions in the NFL where the deficit that this year. How do you see the running back class this year because I know the bears are going to need when they don't take till the third round. So they're not going to get some of the cream of the crop. But after Josh Jacobs. How does the running back class rank? I actually think that they're rounds going to be good spot. Like, visit a good. This is a good overall draft projects. And whether that's along the line of scrimmage where there's a lot of guys deep in this draft. You're going to be able to get better going to be productive potential starters running back. No exception to that. Josh Jacobs is the one talent that might get overdrafted. Just because of what we've seen any time. The patriots draft running back in the first round. You know, some other teams are going to start digging a little too long and hard about that that being said, I look at a guy I was just tweeting someone about Durell Henderson from Memphis is really interesting to me that offense put up big numbers in the run game Henderson was a home run threat at times you runs really hard ton of fun to watch. And so I think guys like him Devon single, Terry. From FAU, Rodney Anderson from Oklahoma, we know dealt with an injury this year. But there's a lot of productive guys that I think around the second day and going into the early third day. Drafts are going to be good diving the modern backfield's where you're not. Gonna have to show the load all on your own are gonna have a chance to be really productive impact is Michael junior. Chris Beckenham dollar here on ESPN one thousand and the ESPN app. Speaking of running backs price love at the end of the season toward his ACL of you're looking at a running back heading into the NFL and your picking Mike how much of a concern is it to you that this player has already been injured heading right into the NFL. Or do you think that it's one of those things where modern medicine in the technology that we have today that this running back Bryce love will bounce back from something like this? Modern medicine would tell you a lot less concerning. But then you saw what happened with girly through the postseason last year. And you hear some of the concerns about that guy who had a knee injury in college. And we saw first hand the affected started to had season war on that Bryce love speed is going to be an intoxicated for a lot of people. Even when he was quitting time in that backfield. You still saw those clashes when Christian McCaffrey was doing it all bright love was such a great off speed pitch for them and say off speed. I mean full speed. And that's something that NFL teams, especially in this modern NFL where you can find gadget roles. These guys certain times. I think they're going to be something to love there. But he's way down production was already down the season. You throw injury on top of it. And that's been a guy that really from the start of the year where he was Heisman hopeful the now is taking a real humble your college football junkie. Just like we are what's a name that we're not seeing enough leading into Thursday. Oh god. Well, you know, what you want to stick with running back for a second. I'm gonna get my old line so box. Running running back. I'm going Damian Harris the other Alabama running back. I want him in the junior. It's not even funny guy. Did it Alabama was rushed for thousand yards three straight seasons. All he did talent backup in that backfield with continue to produce against or to state two years ago in week one. He rushed for ninety seven yards and block a freaking pun. This guy's gonna do everything for you in that offense. So he would be he's my darling in the running back room for this draft. And then I have I know it's not sexy. And I know this isn't going to be fun for everybody. But then you guys gave me the chance Michael Peter out of Wisconsin. He played about every position on that line. He's got great size for guard in the NFL, Wisconsin what they do in the running game as well known and well documented, but he's scheme versatile. He's an adult. He moves better than you'd expect. I don't understand why I'm not hearing more about him offense of lying class that. Yeah. Is deep. What is not? Dour at the top by anyway, in any way, shape or form so end of rant there. But Michael is going to make someone's life much much better offense of limestone, you know, Adam mentioned earlier that's mock draft season. And we kind of do this all year round. Right. The moment the draft happens and ends this week. We're going to look ahead at next year's draft and put out the mock and all of all of last season was like the number one guy, and then we entered the college football season and his stock has dropped. And he's around the like nine ten eleven range for this year's draft..

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