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You are listening to gangland wire hosted by former Kansas City police intelligence unit detective Jerry Jenkins while you are average out there. I'm here skype blind in the office in the studio with my good friend Ken. Robinson from Munster Indiana. I get that right Cam. You GotTa Ride Gary. You got it right. I was just going back in you. We were teasing about all the horrible drivers. You got that up yet but a hard way to put that Alex up their ears astor didn't even from Chicago. You got him on. Show a great deal annoyed drivers. That's actually to cab yesterday. About coming up they're now looking forward to that Folks we're GONNA try to make a trip up to Chicago and meet with Cameron and get on up in town. It's mob sites and this video to mob. I've talked to Mike. Burn the what's the name that facebook pages? Chicago outfit Old and new Article News articles right with Chicago outfit own and news stories. I believe but he just go luggage. That Chicago outfit. Facebook page is really good when folks Mike really does a good job with that and Dr Frank Calabrese Junior Dornam are taking my job and I go up and meet up with him. Mike mentioned we can maybe Just all people show up this. Maybe the lunar restaurant which is a place in has mob history and there's been a couple of others Suggested to me the lewd and Dallas and never got the one. Three CABANIS was Rica Benny's wanted plays right. Yeah that would be a so we just gotta figure out What would be the better place to go and beat up and just you know. Shoot the shit. It's appeaser have some drinks and talking. I don't really want to put on a program. I just wouldn't mind meeting some people in Chicago as Mike mccollum who? I don't know very well yet. He's a former. Hells angels and lives in the suburbs of Chicago working on his own book. he said he really wants jeopardy's bike and I'm GONNA take my bike up. Go round of the different websites with me. He'll be my back are backing city to mess with the they gotta go through a man. I like a real lobster right moving right along. We'RE GONNA to start talking about the pizza connection. This is GonNa be the first of a multi episode series on the Pizza Connection. I got into this with this book. Let me find that book here is last days of the Sicilians last days Cillian. Yeah that was one of two books that came out and that was really great. Well reviewed I mean. That's that's considered the top book on those Blumenthal who was a reporter for the New York Times. And I'll tell you what after reading that book. They must they must have opened up all their files and sat talk with him and really opened up with him. It was it was pretty amazing. What the detail that he went into in that thing now. The other books by itself guy editorial writer named Shane Alexander. Yeah she did not have the Access. And but there's a hell of a book if you're interested in and this is a really interesting complex fascinating case Of of Ma. The Mafia and narcotics and transnational Crime Families Working Together From South America to Sicily Turkey New York City to Pennsylvania Rural Illinois Way. I mean it's Kinda crazy if you think about basically five five continents I mean because they had they had presidents presence in Asia North and South America Europe Africa. I mean that's an enormous. What they what they were doing so class late my career as a policeman by futurist and they talked about what the future of organized crime is. GonNa be back then and this mafi was still somewhat of a thing But this guy said I said that's data He said it's the transnational gangs. It's GonNa be the the Russians particularly Eighty eight didn't really realize how this assay within move into transnational trans-national Ryan and I think maybe this Pizza Connection. Kinda ducked a Lotta them out. Because we're going to talk about what happened over in Sicily. They had a trial with like five hundred defendants. They built a special prison around a rack. Z Trial Court House. And then they just bring their prisoners in and hold him and hold. It sells that they could see. That's out they attended trial they would holler word create problems you see them throwing up a hand gestures and screaming and yeah. It looks like Thanksgiving dinner at my mother's with my mother's family. A FAMOUS ANTI BIG MAFIA-FIGHTER CONEY ended up getting killed for his trouble. They really they really put Sisley so but here. We're going to start out today. This will be the first one I call this the pizza connection that beginnings and let's just go back a little bit sessaion mafia goes back to the eighteen hundreds and I've talked about this before with other people other experts. Fill me in on this. It really was formed to protect the local people on the island. Sissy from the Central Government in Rome new were absentee landlords and and kind of had Screwed over the people the peasants down there. Plus you know Sicily's been invaded and dominated by how many different countries a bunch of around the better traded over the years Yeah through the years. Everybody absolutely in the country the rural areas particularly but all over the Blair Bo. The bigger cities They have created this almost like a shadow government that is going to protect the people but they also as a shadow government they also got a feather their own nest out along the way and lead later years after World War Two they. They didn't have any central government really to be afraid of particularly that was gonna read. They didn't really have central government until about the turn of the twentieth century. Which is I think why you see all those groups in. Italy's is there was no until basically a little bit before Mussalini when the for I around the turn of the twentieth century. That's why you've got the NEAPOLITANS. Consider themselves a separate nation. You go to Italy and they say well. I'm from Florence. I'm from here. They're not they don't they consider themselves Italian second. I guess they had to get used to that That individual government on their own which is kind of bears up to what you're saying. That is interesting. I didn't really think about it quite about that. At the city states it they had all the way back to the Middle Ages were. They weren't lie and buy with that city state. Yeah the Dennis or Rome or or Naples or whatever you did it by more than Sisley identifies this. Assyrian rather than Italian. So that's an air thought about that. And so there's a pretty interesting story about Mussolini Mussolini as one guy that put the clamps down on the body of but thanks a fascist dictator to do anything like that. If anybody's GonNa shut them down and this country. We have huge problems with crime because we don't have a fascist dictator this willing to do what needs to be done now. You young once. He was complaining about some of the legal restrictions on cops and I said Dude I if you guys could all do everything. He wanted to do with any repercussions you'd be wearing black leather boots up your knees and wearing swastikas right around here and Ruling dominate. Yeah that's that's just the nature. We need those controls law enforcement authority. Figures NEEDS THOSE CONTROLS. That self restraint will only go so far in absolute power absolute power. Power corrupts absolutely in the end but anyhow. Sisley story got an interesting story. Mussalini Business Sicily. Nineteen twenty four a passage this one little town of beyond a day Gracie that be how you pronounce that. Gr ECI beyond. It'd be like C. H. He was received by the local mayor who was also the mob boss of the Mafia boss. Which is kind of the way it was then. Those Times The the city government and the mafia basically. We're all the same thing. He was the top politician in town. he noticed. The mayor's name was Cuccia. He noticed that boost leany had a big military escort and a lot of bodyguards. And they say he's whispered in a Muslim his ear. You're with me you know you're under my protection. You don't really need all these cops you know. Nobody's going to hurt us. Lomb around moves lady didn't really like that rejected his offer of protection. The mayor kind of felt slighted and he was humiliated at the rejection by Mussalini. So he told all his people. Just stay at home when L. J. makes a speech and of course nobody shows up for LBJ speech Mussa ladies humiliated. And he wants to give back. And and they say that's the that was the spark that started Mussolini's war on the Mafia. In and boy. He would after him. He granted special powers all the police just to fight the Mafia. He appointed a fashion supporters. GonNa say Sorry. More eight to Recruit a small army. They say of of Caribbean Militia officers and they said they just went out of the country. Sad rented up anybody they thought might be a Mafia member and if they couldn't find them but they had a name they snatch a guys relatives and hold them hostage take their property. Sell it killer. Livestock DID THAT FOR THREE YEARS. Straight up to around World War Two when it got started. They said they detained over a thousand suspects. It used torture to extract. Confessions of the mafioso are complied with them figuring that you know they'll get in with them and and give up some of their buddies and you know it was bad and I think we need to clarify a lot of people think. Oh well. They're just criminals but I mean they weren't in the old world they weren't criminals per se. They were just sort of the local corrupt but they're also looking at for the people out in the country. That was the only law they had in. Mousseline wanted full control and he didn't like you said he didn't like that anybody else had consider. These weren't like international drug runners back then they were doing little criminal things but he was just rounding up. Everybody was bad time to be Sicilian. And historically they've been smugglers they smuggle smuggled cigarettes smuggled out guide to stop. Yeah and so on island and all that CEAC says yeah so they've been smugglers for a long time but just avoid taxes of course government like you like yeah boy taxes now in this country when you do that They value civil suit against you. Attach your bank account. Put a lien on your house or sub jail torture torture your taxes. It was time for the Mafia and then after the war was Katie Bar. The door after wondering lucky. Luciano was over there during the war. He must have laid low state at Vito. Genovese was over there during the war to. They must've wanted laid low. Genovese had had had a relationship with Muslim when a lot of this southern Italians were coming over and the Sicilian just mixed in with all the like my family southern Italian and they came through Ellis island mafia so there were ton of Italians coming over anyway. They're telling everybody Irish and everybody and the the mafiosi just came in with them. But then you know like you said Lucina got deported. So he was over there sorta laying low and that was when Jenna vases over there too and genevieve ingratiated himself with Mussalini. There was a anti-fascist journalist named carmine TRESCO and carmine TRESCO was in America. He was writing a bunch of antifascists newspapers. For All the Italians in America. Talking about damn of Mussalini. We've got to support the Anti Fascist effort in order to get a pass. Genovese told Mussalini he could have carmine trescothick killed and it was. It was your buddy carmine. Galante. Who is known for having killed Common Triska back in the. It was would have been the thirties or early forties. I can't remember the year. But he was very famous anti-fascist journalist and that was how I sort of got a pass to do a lot of lot of not only that genovise eventually allied himself with the with the allies in the low core. But he was safe for the time being because he did this exit this assassination for Moose. Luigia moved up Sicily. I bet all those guys said where their best moved up from Sicily. Up The boot in the regular part of La the though the main part of Headley they would be arrested and and top knocking out local government officials and then he policemen than might have been Fascist and and and these guys are fried. They're ready okay. You know. That's right absolutely now. I did read that. There were some some positive rate. There were some positive results out of this war on this is a mafia by LBJ The murder rate sharply declined and did a little bit better because they a raise rents on their land. At the the Ritz had been held to an artificially low amount by the Mafia. The Mafia control the countryside and the land owners Were not allowed to charge quite as much as I'd like to take care the peasants over the landowners. Sounds to me like yeah. So landowners did a little better when Lucille. Idioms in in power you know and that did. I have a friend Yer Kansas City..

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