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Where unlike middleton i feel like middleton like booker like chris paul knows where his spots are breaking roll and i think drew was kind of taking what the defense gives him and i think that just that just puts his sons defense especially eight. But i mean they're all kinds of their conservative and deceptive. You know they want you to take. Low percentage shots. So they're going to try to go into those And withdrew going the row of okay. Let's he's kind of just seeing how much closer he can get to the rim essentially and that's just a great way miss layups over deandre eytan essentially. That's kind of. That's kind of what's been happening to him. All series as opposed to like you know middleton just being a little bit more methodical. But i agree with jackie honestly. I just think he's doing a law is the set. This is going to go six. At least it might go seven. I think you wanna use him to just try to wear down chris. Paul and booker in whatever you can get from him like considered a bonus but honestly like it's like what you said. Jackie when you have when you have that type of mentality or shooting stroke or whatever you wanna call it Maybe it's just a moment of self. Del like whatever it is. You can't guarantee that that guy is always gonna be consistent. Like i don't really necessarily want to be running much stuff for him Honestly i would lean if you need to lean even more heavily on middleton and pick and roll like. I feel like that's a big reason. They also didn't turn the ball over very much He was just he was just really good in it So yeah. I think don't know i just i just feel like drew. Holiday deserves a bit of a defense. I get that. He's not shooting well and everybody is kind of focused on that. But it's just he's doing so much like full court press in the nba finals for a whole game. Like try squatting down that low for like for like five seconds you know like for me five seconds but like it's just yeah it's it's it's really incredible. He's also he's creating a ton of points with his steals like he's he's creating good offense for them. It's just not in the way that you know Chris paul or booker or middleton does sense sear. it still hasn't been line for finals be potentially with two big games may be st. I had a. He was nine to one before the finals. But it does seem. I guess jaanus or booker now. The way this series is yeah. Those would be yeah you to candidates. Hey some folks are quick to doubt the rookies or even understate. Their excellence their playoff series. Make no mistake. This is their time to shine and show out with career defining moments on that court. Here's a famous on minna. Go way back for your thinking about. Overlooked rookies Tom heinsohn who passed away recently. legendary celtics announcer hall of famer really great underrated player but as a rookie. Nineteen fifty seven celtics. The celtics had never won. The title goes to a game seven against the saint. Louis hawks bob cousy is terrible. Bow cousy goes to for twenty. Can't make a shot. He got bill russell. He's a rookie. Not totally an offensive player. He's only scored nineteen They need a hero. And who's the hero. Holy cross his own. Tommy heinsohn rookie puts up thirty seven points. Twenty three rebounds seventeen for thirty three Was awesome and fouls out in double. Ot what happens to this game goes to double ot heinsohn vows out. Famous shot of him crying on the sidelines. Can't believe he found out at the celtics end up winning the game in the last minute. They win by two. He gets carried off the court. There's a famous photo of him All these people surrounding him. It's one of the great rookie moments of all times in the finals. You heard about magic in nineteen eighty heard about some other ones but i think that was the first great one and that's a wrap. Just like these rookies like tommy heights at one on the court you can win with your insurance getting the personalized service of a local agent offer. Surprisingly great rate with state farm like a good neighbor state.

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