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The songs ready. We have to find a way. That when the moment is right to make it, we can make it and I can think of very few times in my life where it hasn't worked out where at a time I might have been making five albums at the same time. back in the days when I'd have to go from studio to studio. It might be. We're doing overdubbed with this artist and I'm working on just vocals with another artist on a different album at at same time. Maybe I do noon to noon to three with one artist and three to six with another artist. That way or maybe I'm doing pre production with one and working on mixing with another, and it could be as many as four or five or six going on same times, not unusual because some of them could go on for years, you know. Game going. I work with engineers and each project usually try to have an engineer dedicated to that particular project. Okay, the TAG team partner. So and also I like to work in the old days. They used to work all night drive home. His son was coming up now modern early schedule, so I like that session. Start at like noon or one. And I like to be done by six now. That doesn't mean on strokes album which we just made recently just came out. Three weeks ago or something right? I would from. Noon to six. And then I would leave a list a to do list, so the band could go on working as late as midnight. If you know they banned could work as long as they want and have a list of things to do in addition to anything. They WANNA try on their own. And then the next morning I would come in. We review what happened the night before, and then we would start on the day's work. I try. And I've also by making a lot of albums of come to realize. When my voice is particularly helpful in the process and Sometimes, it's in pre production. It means a lot in the basic track. It means a lot getting the vocals that means a lot but many of the other times during overdose during Guitar Solos. I usually I trust the artist I. Let them do it. Then I might come in like with Tom Morello for doing on either of rage record an audio slave record. She'll do Solos on everything, and then and say you know those are all great, and this one's not as good like we got and then maybe. Redo this or if there's ever ones where it's like, let's work on this one together for some reason. If he if he can't crack the code on his own, then we'll do it together, but I i. don't like to hold an artist's hand I. Don't like to alternate if the artist feels like they've done everything themselves. That's the best feeling for me like. I don't want I. Don't want to. I don't want the process to be about me. Life lessons. WanNa Noli Life Lessons Rick Rubin. Don't make you about you and walk first thing in the morning. Don't want the process to be Agra for you..

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