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Yeah and that's part of that me glad you bring that up because there's five hundred has a lot of high flyers in it like net flicks and for some reason the video these these high fires at a way overpriced which warren buffett would never by he's more of a long term investor and the berkshire hathaway bshares is his portfolio one tenth the size of the berkshire hathaway asia's but a little apple down i guess not a little you actually quite a bit of it i mean he jumped in and bought a lot of apple i think it's about i wanna say apple so big i think it's still about five percent of company but he bought gosh just bob was one hundred hundred billion he bought her seventy five billion plus he had some already so he's he's taking a big position into the numbers here on berkshire hathaway beat to see if it makes sense to get into this and again i love his management style but sometimes even that can become overprice as far as what you're paying for the stock of berkshire hathaway racial very expensive forty two point six versus seventeen prices sales two point one versus one point three price to book value two point one one point seven and price casual twentythree versus eleven so very expensive what you're paying for this stock here we do see sales are up point one percent year over year the initially up seven point seven earnings per share they fell by forty eight point eight the initial down seven point three some kinda surprising that number the balance sheet we see told that area of twenty eight point five versus thirty two that's okay return on equity is three point six eight point seven net profit margin is five versus seven point six so that's good we see will turn over i'm sorry that's not good we see we'll try seventeen point five or two point nine and inventory turnover levin point eight versus not material i excited about these and i've never bought a again my like warren buffett's management style is different what he holds.

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