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He was never under appreciated yeah. You know like if i were to give you under college anyway you know like iowa state. When i'm gonna speak to your heart's here troy davis he was at the heisman he got votes. He's like five to right right but a dervish just an unstoppable whirlwind of a man paul field he he gets prime consideration iteration for people's heisman retroactively who was mississippi state's little bowling ball running back from <hes> played with that prescott. I can't remember i. I don't know who you're talking about. That just reminded me of rennie curran at georgia would probably also be another one that i earned their right yeah but you're you're talking about like five six five six. It's like thunder wonder like ben described as a bowling ball out because this is going to drive me insane. It will drive it will drive you mad. Please because it's also gonna drive me mad by the way people's heisman. You're talking about a particularly charismatic like pairing of running back and quarterback. That's a great place to go ahead and and look for people's heisman candidates because you might have a quarterback goes onto the n._f._l. And you might have a running back you rarely have both in a good duo and when that happens look at the one who didn't go to the pros didn't pan out in the n._f._l. That's probably the person dominate. I have a real good nominate nominee money in that sort of format for science found this running back okay his josh robinson yeah yeah. I don't remember him at all. Five nine a two fifteen how he he got <hes> about sixteen hundred yards from scrimmage and twelve touchdowns for that twenty before two thousand fourteen mississippi state team which if memory serves was the first team to ever get the number one ranking by the college football playoff committee. Wow there's actually the state of mississippi figures in the the retroactive people's heisman that <hes> i discussed out before the program <hes> at one point remember in the top three we had five we had mississippi state and ole miss and the world shockingly did not enter armageddon phase at that point somehow did either of them make the playoff now. Nothing did not know how was it because one knocked out in the egbo. Et didn't help but probably wasn't happening. Either didn't didn't really help and a was it also by the way just a relatively meaningless win for that other team yeah on the board. It was pretty meaningless considering potential outcomes was it meaningless in the heart never never i don't know everybody how we doing ruin jason kirk goddamn nowhere i was i was i was detained by a project. I had to wrap up and <hes> also oh putting out the fires of the read option watched grid where eleven of eleven people who've contacted me so far went to go back to the way it was. I have an uprising on my the hands <hes> dealing with conservative factions who can't handle change so i think i'm going to be forced into forced into reverting it to its twenty eighteen in previous form canceled. I have going on i i. I am a democratic. Leader is what it is coward. Our public has decided in the spirit of the people's heisman. The public has decided. I had a comment and a question. I've tried to listen to keep up. Did we decide that. Heisman finalists are are ineligible sociable for the people's eisman for the most part although i would like to throw in an exception for somebody like a defensive player who gets a token invite <hes> mike the only defensive players linemen like who we know don't actually have a chance to win but like an dominant sue would not qualify because a had like a decent case that year and be probably too good right writing. Sue is the hands down winner for that year. He didn't even get invited did he. To the heisman ceremony was he invited. I don't remember if he was or not..

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