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At call today talk about pre planning. It truly is an awesome gift that is mosier funeral and cremation service power play sports poll question how we feel about drew lock. Is he the franchise quarterback you today the ninth day of June because. We always get the whole against to answer this, and it's the easy way out. Stop taking these email well. We'll know more after this season. No we're asking today. We're asking you today on the Ninth Day of June, the prediction game. Is He gonNa be the Guy Do. You think that when it's all, said and done seven five seven ten years down the road we go back and say drew lock was our quarterback. He was sensational. He brought us to the playoffs. Maybe even helped. The broncos get a ring. Get that Fourth Fifth Super Bowl title. Or is right now. If you had to predict, you say to locks, he was the second round guy, and maybe he. Maybe he does okay for five years, but he's GonNa prove that he's just kind of okay, and the broncos will be in the market. For. A quarterback in five four five years. Because they're kind of like A. More of a five hundred team. Now. You look at. How did last year? Dating back to I, mean really December. That was his month. In those five games, he went four and one against the chargers. He was six. His completion completion percentage was really look that game against Houston and Detroit I mean eighty-one percent completion percentage, seventy six percent completion percentage against Detroit. In Five Games, he threw seven touchdowns and three interceptions. He was sacked five times. Here's rating was an eighty nine point seven. qbr Forty eight point two. Overall. Pretty solid numbers I mean we can sit here all day and say well. It was against the chargers. It was against the lines. It was against the raiders well. He's got to play the raiders twice next year. He's got to play the chargers twice next year. So based on drew lock's career against those two teams. There's four wins right there. which I do have the broncos winning now I'm just saying you can sit here all day and said that the last five games were easy save for the chiefs game. Okay well I. I think this neck. I think the schedule for the broncos. Is GonNa look a lot like those last five games. Going to have a couple of tough games, they're here and they're five of them. To be exact and I think the Broncos are going to be better than most of a lot of these teams I. Don't think I think. I think I have them. Do I have them beating one playoff team? Have them beating Buffalo Colfax? I have them. And I think that's it I think that that's the biggest win. I have I think for the broncos because the rest of the teams I. I don't have unbeaten steelers I. Don't think they're going to beat Tampa Bay. My wrong on that or do I. Have Losing that game. You haven't losing Tampa Bay I have losing Tampa do have them losing to Buffalo. That's correct. Yes, okay I do. I do you because I thought we were backwards. That's right. You have lost a Casey lost to Tampa. Both losses to Casey lost the Pittsburgh loss to Tampa. Where's some other loss in their? Orleans. Yeah. I still feel good about it those. The rest of the way through like I, said Tennessee's is a playoff team from last year and a lot of you're saying well. Their schedule is actually pretty difficult. I think it was like sixteenth fifteenth. Bright there in the middle, maybe even fourteenth. But, but you're assuming the titans are a playoff team Ryan Tannehill, not starting quarterback for the dolphins anymore for a reason, the fact of the titans re upped their very confusing to me, so no I don't think. This lasts. For Tennessee. But The schedule is going to help drew lock. It's it is and my biggest concern right now is too much too fast for this offense. Now most a lot of people say conventional wisdom, the more weapons you throw it a quarterback. The battery is going to do. That's not always the case I mean. In fact, that's rarely the case. Because when you have so many different options, you're going to be I mean this. This offense could be very complex. That's my biggest concern, however, I think defensively. And with the running back on this team with Melva Gordon and Philip Lindsey I think you're going to do enough to mask any early errors or any early issues with drew lock. Them starting at the gates like one one and two I think. So I mean it's not like I have this team rolling right through to begin the season. It'll be kind of. They're going to have to Kinda. Baby drew lock along. I hope that's the plan anyway. Again I would have liked to see. Denver filled up on the defensive end. More Jerry Judy was fine, but second round. That's my biggest issue is always go back to the second round. You know you had a lot of good corners. You COULDA went with in that second round. You COULDA went with a couple of safety there Christian folding. You COULDA went with him. or at the the DVD slash safety there. You could have done that side of it. I I liked that move But you didn't and that's my. That's one of my biggest issues with the draft that all being said. Excited to see Jerry Judy in court Sun Cagey Handler. I mean they're not bad. It's not going to be a bad thing necessarily. I you just gotTa hope that a young offense led by a young quarterback can lead a defense that you kinda just had a wash. You just kind of washed it this year. Like Brennan Casey. Great Move Steel for the Broncos no question about it. You you, you essentially lose. Derek Wolfe and you bring him. WHO's better? They've probably upgraded there. You may be downgraded with the quarterback position though from Chris Harris Stage boy, you downgraded there, so I'm going to call it a wash. You didn't do much. To help your defense out. And make them go from. Good to great, so Denver will be a top ten defense. No question about it. Top Five. Not this year. I don't I don't see it. I mean vons not exactly spring chicken anymore? I still believe in the guy still think.

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