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He was taking part in a competition and lost her life a crash in Delaware County this morning AS left a female participant in the Iron Man triathlon debt it happened on US twenty three a Trotman wrote forty four year old Kristen Oswald of lawyers for Pennsylvania was riding your bike when she was struck by a tractor trailer the Ohio state patrol says the victim had traveled outside of a safety zone that had been set up for the Iron Man event no charges have been filed yet university of Cincinnati announcing that a recent football players transfer appeal for immediate eligibility was rejected James huts in in a tweet Saturday thank everyone for their support but said unfortunately things did not work out but it is not the end a sophomore offensive lineman transferred it to use these football program late last year from the university of Michigan it's all waiver to be eligible to play for the Bearcats this fall rejected by the NC double a in may tweeting at that time huts and said he was denied eligibility because he never spoke up about his mental struggles to administrators at Michigan it was afraid to talk about his depression out of fear of looking weak any that the NC double a told him his courage to step forward and speak about his issues was done too late and subjectively his circumstances did not warrant relief and Sean Gallagher reporting president trump will be in Ohio this week he'll be joined by vice president Mike pence in a rally at U. S. bank arena in Cincinnati Thursday evening great news out of Cleveland airport it's so far so good for Cleveland Hopkins the airport reporting is twenty.

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