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Killing ISIS, Russia, Iran, Syria. Iraq for a lot of other places jumped boy, you wanna bring our people back home. I've been talking about this the campaign, but the president is backing off his call to remove troops immediately. And now says work remains to destroy ISIS. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is in Turkey where he warns the US withdrawal must be slow the roadmap to man bitch is the most important thing to be accomplished in the near term. So I would hope that President Trump would slow the withdrawal. Until we truly destroy ISIS. And if we do not do this. Our withdrawal is going to create holy hill for Turkey and Graham, urged the president not to pull out without a plan. President Trump says he'll make a major announcement at three PM eastern time today on what he calls the humanitarian crisis on our southern border. He'll also talk about the shutdown BuzzFeed editor and chief Ben Smith is standing by his outlets latest reporting on the Russia investigation special counsel, Robert Muller's office is disputing claims that President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen told investigators the president told him to lie to congress BuzzFeed is asking Muller's office to specify their objections. Mexican authorities say the death toll from a fuel pipeline explosion yesterday has climbed to at least sixty six dozens are listed as missing as NPR's. Carrie Kahn reports the blast was caused by people tapping into the pipeline. Fuel thieves tapped into the pipeline around five pm local time. Friday, sending a torrent of gas gushing into the air. Dozens of people gathered for more than two hours collecting free gas in buckets in huge plastic containers video from the scene showed police and soldiers there. Mexico's public security minister says the troops did not want a confrontation with the crowd. And we're retreating from the area when the pipeline blue fuel theft has been on the rise with losses. Topping three billion dollars last year. Mexico's president shut off gas six key pipelines in an effort to crack down on the practice that led to widespread fuel shortages and long lines. He's vowed to quote, tell the whole truth about what occurred in Friday's deadly explosion Carrie Kahn, NPR news, Mexico City. This is NPR. And this is WNYC in New York. I'm David I three separate anti-trump. Protests organized by women's groups are taking place in Manhattan today after attempts to present a unified front failed the women's March alliance a nonprofit that has led the local. Women's marches in New York City, the past two years is hosting a rally and procession starting on the Upper West side women's March Inc, which has organized the demonstrations in Washington DC is holding a rally at Foley square in lower Manhattan. A third separate rally for wheelchair users and others with disabilities is is holding a non March at Grand Central terminal in the afternoon. The MTA is going express with its new L train repair plan. And it says it won't need. It's board. Members to approve the changes WNYC's, Stephen Nessin reports at an emergency MTA meeting this week board members raise tough questions about the safety and viability of the new repair plan proposed by governor Cuomo. They also asked if they'd even get a chance to approve it. Now, the MTA says, no, it's reworking the original contract and doesn't expect it will cost more. So that plan won't need the MTA board's approval, the full board meets again next week, and will likely have a lot to say about this as well as some existential questions like. What's the purpose of MTA board? If it has no say in the decision making process, New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy has declared a state of emergency for the entire state starting at noon as a winter storm heads into the area if there's ever a weekend to stay in and binge watch something this may be there. It is or official order to binge watch. The governor says commercial vehicles will be banned on all roads in the northern part of the state except the New Jersey turnpike New York City's emergency management office issued a hazardous travel advisory that goes into effect the evening and runs through Monday. We could see.

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