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Your mindset? Hopefully, we get some more help in the secondary because you know the couple of big plays. Let's see how offense had 23 yard Touchdown. The lock at the 69 yard. Touched on the locket. Those are both over replacement DBS and the cold Secondary. Hopefully, get some help back there, but to your point Hey, if I'm Frank, right? We have we were in this ballgame. Had a chance. We just did not seize and take advantage of our opportunities, and they do try an onside kick. But the Seahawks haven't covered nicely at the Indianapolis 45 yard line to seven to go to sea hawks will have its first down and 10 the scoring drive was 10 plays 75 yards. Carson Carson wants his second touchdown pass of the game. 2nd 12 Paskowitz covered 11 yards. Two point conversion failed to drive took four minutes and 33 seconds on that Dr. Once was five of six for 48 yards. All right. Russell Wilson out of the gun. I've got to believe this will be Chris Carson time here as they try to milk this clock, Carson Wilson on a quarterback keeper faked a handoff. Most things going to fall down. And Frank Reich will not call a time out. He'll wait for the two minute warning and gets it. So two minutes remaining here in Indianapolis and our scores Seattle 28 Indianapolis 16 more action from the field up next. You're listening to compass media networks. This is the NFL..

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