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Now you as a former DJ at one time DJ had in your mind. Hundreds of share songs is that one of your phase is that why you chose that. No. Actually, it was in there. Already. Yeah. After the video is kind of ru risque, I don't remember that when she's half dressed and win. She's. That's the way she lives in a constant state. Pretty much true. Yeah. She was already in her forties. Then so she was looking great for her forties. But her thirteen year old son Elijah was playing guitar in it and she was starting around half naked. It was a little questionable. Little you knew a lot about that video. I didn't she's still in great voice, though. She's you know that joke about cockroaches. And share. I'm glad I was back here to start talking on the phone while you're doing the news telling a my financial manager get rid of all of our Tesla's stock. Why is this guy keeps shooting himself in the foot? He's just a peculiar person. He's one of the genius, right? He has great ideas like trying to bore a hole under Chicago deeper hole and then in Los Angeles. He's apparently doing that with both of those cities where he's gonna make those tunnels that shoot those cars two hundred miles an hour. He's just you know, he's one of those eccentrics with a great mind. I guess, but it's like people people who want to risk their money. I was talking about small business owners a little while ago. And how tough that is that old thing to try to do that. Anybody who tries to invest anything. You wanna make sure that whoever's at the helm is not a nutball and not inebriated. And that's probably not a good look. That's true. I mean, it's like, okay. Yeah. Let's let's risks some money with this guy. And it's like, I don't know. He does have some great ideas. But he's going to need a different financial team. I think is accountant just left. Yeah. I don't blame him. Anyway. Come on. Now, come on Alon husk. He says legal, right. It's legal. Yeah. That's probably not a good idea for you to do that. When you're asking people to invest in your dream and the Tesla's stock is moving backward. Because he's had multiple instances of of things that have not gone well for its Ambert. That's the problems that amber herd, chick, whatever she touches turns to dust quickly like Johnny Depp's Bank account. We'll see how that works. And then the whole notion of well, you know, it's legal marijuana's legal. Okay. Well, so whiskey whiskies been legal a long time. But if you're showing up with a bottle in your hand in the early morning, or whatever. That is going to dissolve all the trust anybody has, but it is legal as true in many states. It's legal and starting to worry the people in the beer industry. I think Anheuser Busch come up with a new jingle now for them. You don't smoke that. Instead. When.

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