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Approved by the mortgage experts of T. Mike Berg just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago Vanderbilt for data traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death now the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center with meteorologist Tim McGill wet windy and warmer for say shall was mainly early tapering off late morning this afternoon just spotty sprinkles and showers windy and milder today with a high fifty five temperatures falling off late this afternoon tonight becoming partly cloudy breezy and colder down to twenty eight quite a bit colder on Friday even with lots of sunshine sunny skies tomorrow I've just thirty nine Saturday mostly cloudy could see some light rain or snow later in the day especially south of the city high forty Sunday partly to mostly sunny near forty and then Monday mostly cloudy in forty six and to me given the double jump on the center right now in Chicago forty nine it here it's forty eight with some light rain at midway forty eight along the lake front the wind chill this morning is forty one and accused shoplifter died last night while being detained by a security guard at a north side grocery store WGN Vic phone reports a guarded the jewel Osco on Broadway just south of Addison held him and called police by the time they got to the scene the suspect was having a medical emergency it happened around seven o'clock in the city's Lakeview neighborhood officers called paramedics and started CPR he was pronounced dead at the scene he was fifty five years old his identity is being withheld as the investigation continues Vic font WGN universal city councilman Benny white says the community cannot bury your head in the sand and ignore the hate crime charges brought against a fourteen year old white student at Naperville Central High School he allegedly posted a photo of black student with the.

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