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WCBS news time is seven o'clock. The NYPD is issued a cease and desist letter to Google demanding it remove alerts about police checkpoints from its ways app. WCBS Mike shmelts with more. The Google odious ways alerts drivers for different obstacles on their trip from road closures to accidents up ahead. But also whether a cop cars camped out waiting to catch speeding cars are drunk. Drivers. Those alerts are submitted by ways app users the NYPD cease and desist to Google says though that anyone who posts the locations of DWI checkpoints, maybe engaging in criminal conduct. Michael cross professor at the incident Scalia law school at George Mason University disputes that claim made by the NYPD saying he knows no law that prevents citizens for telling other citizens where police officers are. It's a different story. If I in an individual case, iphone, the Bronco, and I say get out quick police are on their way that Justice. Now, I know people are committed. Crime. And I'm telling the criminal how to avoid that the police are on their way. But that's got nothing to do. With what's going on with weight? The NYPD says it will pursue all legal remedies to prevent the continued post of the DWI checkpoints calling it irresponsible and dangerous information. Mike shmelts to be CBS News Radio. Eight eighty doorbell video and baseball hat help. Police catch would be home burglar on Long Island are so feel hall with that story, Tom. Cruise says last fall his house here on meadow street in garden city, got broken into ipads, were stolen. So he decided to get a security system. And boy did it pay off two weeks later on a Saturday afternoon in October. He got an alert on his cell phone that someone was trying to break in. We were blown away. And I like not even sure like what you're seeing. It was like almost.

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