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So nonbinding, Not by linear, um to non binary you can. All those people are gift. Straight people. We just crap. What do we know? The e don't know, not gifts of your ever straight human beings. I like to think so. We are a gift. Yes. Really? Not a gift. Here we are Assistant Straighten all that crap. We just suck on and you know Get should come out as gay anytime you want and then change and really screwed things up by saying Yeah, but I'm the other gender. Ah, yeah, pretty much. Well, then you're not gay, right? If you ask me ask you this as a news person if you were to ask Elliot. Um That's not really. I mean, if you were to be called that, whatever. But if you would ask Elliot Page. Are you gay? What would he or she say? I don't know. I mean, this would be no right? I'm not sure. Well, don't you know? I don't know. Elliot is now a trade is a man a man who is a lot of the woman except that I love the woman married a woman. Isn't that just then you're straight, aren't you? Um, maybe I don't know. How can you say you're gay? Well, forcing me to believe you the gender you're not You're married to the opposite sex person. Can you be both gay? And frankly, I don't know. I listen. I need to know. I don't know. I'm not have that question of the day. Can you be gay and trade? Let's go around the sort of pull. What do you think? Can you be gay and trans or trans and gay? Is it? One of the other I mean, I would think so. Hey, What's the right then? You know somebody could hit you back with love is love, Joe. I'm not telling somebody who love I just wanna know what we call them. If you want me to call you gay, you better damn well be gay. Young gay if you live in is a man And you're married to a woman. Did I miss something and how that works. But nowadays can't we identify as anything we want and people have to accept it. I'm identifying his non by American fused history, Sam. Trans engage what you think I just lost? I don't know. Can you be trans and gay? Do you have to be gay and not trans? If you trance, then you stop being gay. Are you gay today? But then you transition tomorrow, then you no longer gay. Carrie, I'm gonna need some answers. I have no answers for you on this story. Candidate. Nine for one, Paige's Joe PAGs calm, Sam, Be very careful. We'll take a color to on this, but there's a chance they're gonna be really, really stupid. Is gonna put her Sam. There's a chance they're gonna be really stupid. You follow me. Yes, By the way, it's a foggy day at Niagara Falls, Kerry Okay? Got Niagara Falls is the big picture behind me on the set Your lovely little beautiful and what they do is they change colors behind you like the falls, The water in the falls could be read. It could be blue. And now it's greenish in another thing, but three fucky Now, listen. All of the problem is get up there and clean the camera off. Like a homeowner, Kenny falling whatever I mean, become dangerous. Look at my Niagara Falls. Change my picture. All right, you give the people a picture. This is the picture. I'm giving the people Okay, So you have that in your studio. Yes, And that doesn't make you want to go to the restroom. Well, it's going to now that you said that you don't have to change the picture is something that's not flowing water. Don't have the audio one. If I think the audio is really what makes you wanna go? Thanks so You hear the water flow? I think that makes you want to go. Apollo. Thank you. As always. Great, great and put into the show today night for one. Thanks A date. Not you or me and Carrie this whole abroad today? Gotcha. Doesn't make you want to be no 89 Full impact. Joe PAGs. Come now we will have when we come back from the break up was we could lead into my interview with Senator Ron Johnson at the bottom here. We're gonna have Carrie read read a story for you out of the Senate, which is really, really bad. Being so that makes it okay. Yes. Good job, Mark. Thank you. Mark brought it should carry. This is where I knew we were going. Maybe I can I change my vote. Maybe not to. Everybody said so. Just what do you want me to do? OK, Sorry, Casey. Yeah. Come on. What's going on? Case? You talk to me. Well before Dave Chappelle said it As I said, I invented the alphabet people and now I'm creating a new one. I am a trans tree because my roots go so deep. Okay. Thank you. Casey. Appreciate that carry. This is not this is not a good look, I think I'm sorry. Yeah, Think organizations legitimately are only doing this because she said, yes. Go to break and not here's Jerry in Texas. Jerry, what's going on? Hi. I was gone. I was listening to your show. I enjoy. Thank you. I enjoyed to most of the time. Some of the times I hate it, but good. Okay, Talking about the person, Elliot? Yeah, that changed from one gender to the other, allegedly Yes. Yeah, I believe that's wrong because you came into this world where ah, uniforms. You need to go out with the same uniforms and also I believe in God. He I guess, rote or are set that When two couples armored. It's man and woman for childbearing purposes. Only. Gotcha. Jerry here, you know, and I, but I've never thought about the uniforms. Karen, be honest with you. That's a new one. Whatever it is, it will go. But I'm go ahead and lock up the phone lines. I made them all busy just to let you know. Yes, Polo. I thought, he said Unicorn. It did sound like unicorn for a second. Is that wrong is I think we all felt that right? Okay, before we hit the brake, Do me a favor. Give me this story about the 45 Republicans. This will be good to go into the interview at the bottom. Sam. Let's let it cool off a little bit. Let's let the people who are going to do that. Fall upon the wayside. They're probably lit anyway and then we'll open the phone lines during the break. But Carrie, what do you have at it? Is this really bad news for the Democrats got Fox News senators were sworn in as jurors to President Trump's impeachment trial Tuesday is the Senate voted 55 to 45 to end debate on Senator Rand Paul's a point of order, arguing the impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump's out of office Five GOP senators voted not to dismiss the impeachment trial of President Trump, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska been sass from Nebraska and Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania. They voted with all 50 Democrat senators to table the point of order. A Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, who's indicated he has an open mind on whether Trump should be convicted, voted against ending debate. Paul had told reporters earlier you make a point of order alleging the trialist. Contrary to the constitution and argument, multiple Republican senators have made at forced to vote on the point of order requiring senators to go onto the record about whether they believe the trial is constitutional. And the Senate also passed its pretrial organizing resolution 83 to 17. And the impeachment trial be adjourned until Tuesday, February the ninth as senator Republican leader Mitch McConnell have been pushing for. Paul said he expected his resolution approved there would be no chance of impeaching the president in the Senate. I think there'll be enough support on it to show there's no chance they can impeach the president, Paul told reporters Tuesday of 34. People support my resolution that this is unconstitutional proceeding. Shows they don't have the votes, and we're basically wasting our time at the Senate, Wendy Day, two thirds majority or at least 67 votes to convict the president. Republicans have called a move on from impeachment now that Trump's out of office, adding that to continue pursuing the matter which further divide the country. Okay, So you said five. But in the story, I think the only listed four when we go through them again, all right, and five that I know Mitt Romney. It's gonna be Mitt Romney, right? Yes, they did so So Mitt Romney, Um Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben's house, Ben Sasse, and Who's the fifth Pat Toomey? That to me..

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