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Good morning at three forty. I'm Harris Allen. The nets are now. Thirty two and thirty they attempted fifty three point shots last night made nineteen of them and defeated the Spurs in Brooklyn one zero one eighty five Joe Harris, fifteen points he made five of six from downtown. The ngelo Russell led the next twenty three points, seven rebounds, and eight assists. Spurs just four of twenty four beyond the arch a closed at one end seven road trip eighty-five points their fewest in a game this year. Elsewhere, the NBA the bucks so league that's forty six and fourteen after knocking off the bulls won seventeen one oh, six Sixers by a point over the pelicans, the rockets beat the hawks one nine thousand nine hundred eleven but James harden, only twenty eight points is streak of thirty plus point games over at thirty two. The warriors took care of the Hornets. One Twenty-one one ten Lakers lost at Memphis by five and the sons one in Miami one twenty four one Twenty-one ending their seventy. Eighteen game losing streak. Well, ten days ago. The Yankees signed the lease Severino to a multi year contract. And now they've done the same with Aaron Hicks the center fielder get seven years seventy million last year. The twenty nine year old Hicks had twenty seven homers seventy nine ridley's playing career high one hundred thirty seven games and his goal is to keep improving on that last number. I wanna play every day every time, you know. No. The next day for. Many games. I can't especially from from wrong around hot. Fix with Mike francesa yesterday here on the fan league action Yankees three Blue Jays. Nothing Troy Lewinsky in this first at home against his former team James Paxton to shut out innings on the hill. The Mets and Astros finished three three tied Noah Syndergaard two scoreless innings two hits and two strikeouts. At the NHL trade deadline. The Rangers sent Kevin Hayes to Winnipeg for forward, Brendan Lemieux and a first round pick this year, and they sent defenceman Adam mcquaid to Columbus for prospect, Julius Bergmann plus a couple of future draft picks. The devils traded goalie Keith Kincaid to the blue jackets for a fifth rounder in twenty twenty two and sent Markus Johannesson to the Bruins for Boston. Second round pick this year at a fourth rounder in twenty twenty last night. The devils dot past the Canadians to the one forty Schneider. Thirty four saves winning for the fourth time in five games. Nathan bastion scored his first NHL goal. Put it the devils up. One nothing in the first period. And they had the lead for keeps with reports every twenty minutes, I'm Harris Allen WFAN span. Keep.

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