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Over from the ravens last year part of the number one defense in the league with the ravens very heavy ball player you'll see these big hits like that Jalin Samuel getting the Kerry running light bouncing off his alignment surging ahead any picks up the first down across the thirty five yard line to the thirty six Sebastian Joseph day and Corey little to team up with a stop slows down to tend to the Steelers working left to right a whole black jerseys and black helmets it was another case of that I could see gone with you know with the bring the extra office attack will be played three tight ends we bring Zach banners the extra extra tight it is it is an office of tackle reporting in the I got the first down other back to regular group out of the shot gun is gonna motion Jaylen Samuels into the slot left side it's an empty set there's this snap back to throw looking right looking left Rudolph lawsuit over the sideline caught by his tight end Vance McDonald any gets wrapped up quickly in space by the safety Taylor rap for a loss of a yard going outside the numbers and wrap read that play perfectly got him down at the ankles and its second on eleven so that's one of the the ways to spread the field side to side it's not just a vertical game anymore officer attacking the fences side to side in that case it didn't happen to them the yardage but their stress they're gonna make you defend the whole field sideline to sideline and ends on the ends on second down eleven the shot gun again Rudolph he's got a back in say mills on his left hip takes the chest I snap pumps to his lap backpedaling throws off the back foot under nearly intercepted by a diving Jaylen Ramsey but it's gonna be rolled in complete there is a penalty markers told I believe at midfield I could tell does a marker or issue a bright yellow shoes you might notice.

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