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But he's also getting methamphetamine fares. Methamphetamine, Tim Conway junior show bears. Weeknights at six KFI. John and Ken show. John kobylt Ken. She info can away KFI AM six forty story today. Front of the yet. Elsa gun times. This was a good one. And I don't know if this story is inspiring or depressing. It's actually both. It's about a woman named Lisa. Soren Meakin I'm pronouncing that right? Lives in LA. Works for radio station, and she also acts appears in TV shows and commercials. Like a million other people. And income is there, and it's not sometimes good. Sometimes it's not. A lot of people in that situation. And what are the things is when you're trying to grind out a living and hustling going on dishes. Working extra jobs like she's doing what you don't need is your stupid, a whole government, stealing your money making your life difficult over something trivial and stupid. But in Los Angeles normal people are the enemy. And lisa. Sarim kind is normal person working in the entertainment industry trying to get somewhere. Listen to what she went through. You're not gonna believe this this twice. This cook or two years. One morning. She got a parking ticket. Seventy three dollars parking ticket and her car. Got towed for two hundred thirty nine dollars. And here's what happened. It was on Venice avenue, which is resonance street quite street and she lives around the corner. And she always parks on van Ness. And. Was going to be some street construction. They were going to resurface the street. And what they do is street. Coke street crews show up and they post temporary no parking signs twenty four hours before construction. Right. Everybody in the neighborhood has a warning twenty four hours parking on the street because we're going to grind up the street, which they did. But at least the presidents have time to move their cars, and I could take an untold. And the construction where so it worked the first time. They put up the signs Lisa moved her car. So everybody else. Then the constructors construction workers came, and they pulled rice the streets, they removed layers of asphalt that that was falling apart and deteriorating. And sometime later might be a few days a few weeks. They would come back resurface. Now. Remember, they put up these temporary no parking signs just for that twenty four hour period. Well. Until they were gonna come back to resurface the street you could park again. So they flipped that oh parking signs over these placards were tach with wire to trees or signposts. So when they're turned upside down means you can park and then twenty four hours before they came back to repave the road. They would flip them up and give everybody a day's warning don't park on van deaths. So everybody in the neighborhood. Watch these signs closely. They all knew they had a habit of moving their cars on a street sweeping day. Or if there was a film shoot each night. Lease it went to bed. She checked the sign it was turned away from the street. It means you could park then on April third 2017. She woke up shared construction noises. She ran out pajamas. She saw the construction workers. There was a ticket on the windshield of her car, which was already attached to a tow truck. She went to the tow truck driver paid the ransom. Then she tracked down the equipment operator the supervisor in Kevin Frazier. And she said did workers turn the signs over that morning. Because last night I went to bed, and it was okay to park and Frazier said, yeah. They didn't. They didn't turn the signs to the no parking side until that morning. So everybody went to bed and legitimately thought you could park, and then they flip the signs around while people were sleeping early in the morning. Eight other people on the block tickets as well. So Lisa felt she gotten screwed. It's over three hundred dollars. And other neighbors said, yeah, we watched the signs every night. It was clear to park. She calls up a supervisor with the city of bureau street services. Elena stern spokes hole. Stern told the times that no, no, no, nobody said any such thing. Nobody said that they turned the signs over that morning, lying, of course. Because everybody on the block got hit. So they started calling city councilman David ru. Who was sympathetic? They figured okay. Since eight cars got ticketed and towed in a single morning. Something must have gotten wrong the money there. It's three hundred dollars. Plus, so the city made about two thousand dollars on that one block. Yeah. How much money a year one hundred forty one million dollars tickets another ten million dollars towing face. This is big business is under fifty million dollars a year. So really office. Contact beer street services saying, hey, there was a mistake street services said no we follow proper procedures. So she challenged Lisa ceramic challenged. Her ticket got rejected and writing filed an appeal with the department transportation went to a hearing to hearings one on the ticket one on the toe. She lost both cases claiming that she didn't have any evidence. That the signs were turned over. They never any evidence. Because the implies relying. She kept trying. She went to court. She got her neighbors to sit down with a notary. They will find it filed former four affidavits to testify..

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