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You're talking about family. The andersons are the first family. If you won't see you gotta earn an anybody. Come to get what. I got going to get the same thing. Cute little denison minute brett sawyer. Got tony's about it. It's been your pleasure once again tomorrow. We are coming right back so that is something that you filmed on june first. It would air on june eighth and we know years later as jim. Crockett will continue to grow and prosper. They would record that morning and man. It would be live that afternoon but that is not the case here. Were still filming a week ahead but man what a big moment and You know we mentioned the the pont and historical significance that you're eventually going to pass that on randy orton. But how did you come up with the point. Was that something you did on your own or was this advice from somebody in the back. Who said hey what if something popped into my head you know. I've i've always been a proponent and it took me a while to figure it out on promos and matches and angles do something that you are confident. You can do well whether it's physically or as a promo less has always been more and if you do something that is one hundred percent believable credible executed hundred percent of your ability. You don't need to do ten things. Just do one or two things. Well and i have this picture in my mind. You know if you've ever seen you know some cowboy bar fights and seeing a man get kicked in the head punted in the head with para cowboy boots manslaughter watermelon exploding and it's one of those things that ends pretty much every fight and that's what i had in mind for this one and it was not some you know four fifty off the top to the floor with a half twist. It was just a point ahead but it was the Initiation of what would be a very violent personal issue so it worked. Was there anybody he was nervous about. You do in the point. i mean. obviously you're professional but this is probably not something that you learn down at wrestling school or is it not absolutely not and you know it's it's one of those things that just pops in your head and you you go to execute it and you try your best to you know. Put some own planet but again you don't want you know you don't want to kill somebody and there's that fine line it's all about execution and that day the execution was was there and it absolutely work because i think buzz came out screaming like a banshee and You know to see about his brother he saw and felt exactly that you know something extraordinary had just happened and not in a good way so if you if you see what plays. I believe. Praise after that is. Buzz is running around like crazy man. I got my bag and got out there. 'cause you know when you've done enough and you know what you've done too much and when you've.

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