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We're going to ask him some of them next. Espn radio is presented by progressive insurance. Dr Greg Poland. GonNa join us at just a second here on the shell. Pennzoil performance live. We have a lot of questions for the doctor. Here's your sportscenter. Update Steve bomber and the newly formed caps. Llc has reached an agreement with James Dolan and the Madison Square Gordon Company to purchase the forum for four hundred million dollars in cash. The forum will remain as a music venue was bomber potentially build a new arena for the clippers. The third fight between Tyson fury deontay wilder has been pushed back to the fall and finally residence at the Bryn. Sealand Care Home in Wales which instituted a lockdown March twelve to protect residents and staff from the corona virus pandemic pass the time during lockdown by adapting the Board Game Hungry Hungry Hippos into a life sized competition with residents wheelchairs playing the hippos the residents worm wheelchairs being pushed back and forth while using plastic bins attached to Poles. Try to grab as many balls as possible from the middle of the Circle Creative Sport Center's brought to you by advanced apart figurehead think advance at any time one. Four batteries is about the fail. Get a free battery test at free installation with Eddie automotive battery. Purchase only at advance auto parts for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. Espn radio all throughout the day. So He's Dr Greg Poland. He's a specialist in infectious disease at the Mayo Clinic. In Minnesota in two thousand sixteen he went on. Jimmy Kimmel live and taught Guillermo Jimmy how to wash their hands. If you remember that I feel for the state of your life regardless for years later Dr.

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