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But then you play leicester in the league and if you beat leicester in the league you are essentially you're in you're in the top four so they're still really important games to come but i think it just be a rolling three or four changes. Make sure that everyone's getting minutes. I would say probably one of the biggest takeaways from the game against manchester city was the injury to andrea christianson. Looked pretty bad with him. Coming off you'd certainly hope. He's fit for the champions league final. Because while you do kinda have the adjustment in in hand which would be moving into the back. Three moving reese james out to right wing back. I really liked that. Look of escort wing back and you have christianson tiago silva and ruediger is a very strong back three so i would say cushion coming out is probably important but you just see a players rotated through. We'll see what matteo coverage is fit and ready to go thomas to has got them in saying maybe for arsenal maybe for the fa cup final maybe for leicester in the league so when kovic comes back but you've got so many options right now. They're all fit and playing. Well i think you know you kinda continued to roll them through and again the the system is the strength right now. Not any one member of it. I keep hoping for rotation along the back. And then i realized there are no rotation the coyote tamara who just scored for ac milan. And there's all sorts of talk that it uc milan trigger the option of by their with christianson being hurt. I'm not really sure you have a rotational player to plug in there and get a spot. Sorry your rotation or jr is mainly as outlined it. Just slotting asprilla. Maybe getting callum dawson more playing time along that right wing maybe alonzo but not a lot of Rotational options there emerson. I'm not really sure. He fits certainly not along that back. Three gotta be a wingback player. And then you gotta keep marcus alonzo off the field. I'm not exactly sure. What thomas options are christians in is indeed hurt and that is a major injury because christianson yet again. Another one of these players. It's been so. Brilliant under thomas tickle tease and peace for shirt. Andreas christianson. We saw the fa cup. Quarter-final emerson plays a left back in that bag three that was again sheffield united. These games are much more important and there is less room for error implying. Emerson there but you're your backup skirt zuma and came on as a sub for cushion. So now you have kind of four centrebacks right now. They feel confident playing in that. Three in quetta ruediger tiago silva kurt zuma so in my view you have those options there but without kerstiens and he's been so good since the change in system and you had an anchor the back three you know went geogra- silva's out. He plays in that position but without him. You're certainly short of options. Such a calming presence soup because man city may may try to get chelsea's backline into some trouble with that high press if christianson is not there and he's been such a cool calm customer with the ball at his feet really changing the narrative around him. Let's make a prediction for this arsenal match. Here on the men's side. Chris and audience if you wanna get involved with making predictions of your own head out over to the sand up. The official chelsea app play the play predict game be eligible for all sorts of cool.

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