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Leader. I can't get over the cavalcade of alien tech. Somebody's 5591 said, Dream on to see those mother Father's All right, Remember, he said that on the air and then probably this is now you know your careers achieved. Molly Go ahead. 916 says he would send rags Nice. No, not day for Getty, your Chirag. Damn, that alien confined a flying saucer And I bet he can party. By the way, I'd like to send also just out of my own roster. Murphy if I could send somebody up there to greet the aliens may be just a non angry young undershirt wearing Jake LaMotta to greet him. Yes, 916 is Stephan is already inside the spaceship with the boot up. Brought how fast you make this thing Go broke. I said close encounters in the theater, bro. You got warp space. It won't be brought here. I was looking for the girls in your broken headlight speed over to see the stars go by broken any 20 year old girls here, bro. Bro. You gotta pull in the rope that any next year Old Girl Aliens program today. Oh, all right, dude. Alien strippers stayed awake. Avia, bro. I broke. I live in Vegas problem, bro. She gonna take off that in time? Yeah. It should take up the jetpack point where you're wearing too much alien help to take off the antenna, bro. Take off those moon boots. Next moon boots. I'm really got items. Jetpacks. Jetpacks? Yeah. God, I gotta get some cooler content because the The quarterback coach Quincy Avery of Trey Lancer gonna join us. So the lion's head coach Dan Campbell's trying so hard to make news in Detroit, because it's such a sad sack franchise. Remember? He did. His biting kneecaps were gonna bite kneecaps were gonna bite kneecaps. Now he goes on PMT. Pardon my take the barstool podcast with pft common terror and Big cat, and he's trying really hard. He wants to get more lions buzz going here. I'll tell you what. I would really love their interest in general, and I've talked to shoe about this. I don't think we're gonna be able to do it. But I would love to literally just have a pet line. Yes, just a legit that line on a chain, a big ass chain, and he just He really is my pet. We just walk around the building. We go out to practice where it's seven on seven were behind the kicker when he's kicking. There We are on the sidelines. Yeah, and I on command. You could train him like if one of your group's isn't doing well, you could just take him over there section and just haven't take a dump right there in the middle of where their section is that and bring him on back. Think about it be outstanding. There He is. Dan Campbell, head coach of the detail with this one's trying trying too hard. Yeah, right. Exactly. Yeah, By the way, Murph And I said this to Waterboy Hammerfest anymore. If you wanna come with your take yesterday, said the rifts are gonna be a lot lighter after Jimmy and Kyle beat that is it? I said yes. Quite after week one. And then you said you and Jake and said Jimmy question Mark? Yes. No, Jimmy the equation. It's exciting, he continues. He says he would lose his arm to the Lion. To win the ball. This is getting crazy. We're going somewhere the problem and I don't know if he just cannot allow that. Yeah, I don't think so. You know, it would take great care of it. It would be fed. Well, it would be petted. It would be manicure. I might end up losing an arm because of it, but that would be even better. You know, because it would validate what? This is a freaking It's a creature now, This is an animal. This thing is this is from the while we got. Would you give up an arm just to motivate your team? Oh, for Super Bowl. If I said Dan Campbell, you are going to win a Super Bowl in Detroit Fairness, one arm. Okay. That's a big sacrifice you given up in arm. Would you give up in arm to win a Super Bowl? I don't think I'd give up an arm for anything. I'd like to keep that arm. So you found the line You've drawn? Yeah. I'm gonna keep his limb. If possible. A real quick. We gotta duck out here. Got duck out or No, we're good. Steph Curry, Stephen A. He's saying you gotta go. Gotta go. Gotta go see every call, and he's like I'm ready to go. And we're like we got the coolest like I'm ready to go now quickly will go where we We could return to that a little bit later. If you want. There's some good stuff in there. We could buy stuff tomorrow to anyway. Let's do this. Let's talk. Trey lands okay with his quarterback coach in his trainer, Quincy Avery. Next candy are one of 45 and six and the sports later..

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