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Dear super t they've won three to last four championships going for three Pete. And so you can't necessarily diminish what he's accomplished in the regular season. However, you want to see the best players perform at optimum level in the postseason. And when I looked down at the stats, he's averaging less in the playoffs. Then he did during the regular season. And as a great player that is something that he has to get get by and just like Russell Westbrook that level of playoff success is something that the media should expect from guys that carry home the MVP trophies. Well, here's the thing. Greenie that I'll point out about James hot in these certainly he deserves his hits. Because when you're the reigning league MVP your. Scoring champion. You've averaged thirty six and you scored better than thirty against every single team in the NBA there are expectations. But there is something to be said about falling to the best. Now had he lost to Utah. That would have been disastrous. If he loses to Oklahoma City is somebody that would have been disastrous. But James harden, loses to Kevin Durant or Steph curry, I'm still surprised. I'm surprised nobody's going to be surprised by that. It's similar and not necessarily similar, but you can draw comparisons. Reggie Miller might have had a title if he didn't have to run into Jordan, Patrick, you might have had a title if he didn't have to run into Jorda, Clyde Drexler added title in Portland, Houston, if he had run into Jordan Charles Barkley might have had a title if he had to run a joint to Jordan, Gary Payton, and Shawn Kemp before he became Sean clump, they would have had a title before if they had a run in the Michael Jordan, calm alot John Stockton. They would have had titles if they didn't run into Michael Jordan. They are great. Please do out NBA history that are devoid of a championship because they ran into the ultimate assassin. And right now the way that we talk about Kevin Durant actually helps quells the argument to some degree not totally but to some degree against James audit because he's not falling. That's who he's falling to and that matters because a whole bunch of people have fallen to them, namely, LeBron James who's lost three of the last four in the championships to these same go to state wards actually to to Kevin Durant and three to Steph curry, Stephen a live in Oakland. Again. They're seven minutes away from I take here on ESPN. Stephen, I thank you very much remind you that we have gained three between the raptors and the Sixers tomorrow night, that's eighty Stor ninety SPN. It will also be available on ESPN two put this and on the ESPN app. Evening starts with NBA camp down at seventy streaming bike you tune in for that..

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