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Prosecutors allege was a secret agent for the Kremlin set now to be sentenced next week. She's been in jail since her arrest in July twenty eight that's when she admitted she was gathering intelligence on conservative political groups of the direction of a former Russian politician. The feds say she wasn't a spy in the traditional sense. But she was what they call an access agent. I mean, she got information about US politics that the prosecutors say could be exploited for Russian benefit. And again, she'll be sentenced next week pot may be legal in some states at set to be legal and others. But the US government says that arrests for marijuana possession production distribution or even working in the legal cannabis operations. They still prevent people from becoming citizens immigration rights. Activists say they've been struggling with it because they said people don't realize that things can be perfectly legal in places like Colorado, but still illegal under federal law. That means it is technically an immigration violation. David Leopold is the former president of the American immigration lawyers association. He says things really need to just match up. He calls a the whole system right now. Nonsensical wins. News time. Seven thirty six. It is a visual representation. Nineteen pairs of empty boots. Each holding a loan of flower, nineteen pairs every day to represent daily suicides of military veterans on average, nineteen veterans in one active duty military member. Gye by suicide each day says the department of veterans affairs on the steps of the Minnesota state capital Friday, one hundred pairs of military style boots each holding a flower in an American flag as they do each spring. Effort by David Peters. Veterans organization, urging more government resources to become a priority and not just lip service. Stacey Burnham's daughter, Nicole an army private took her own life. Somebody else's child. She calls veterans' suicides an epidemic that is correspondent Chuck Sivertsen. Twenty a day on average. There's a little bit of mudslinging instead of mud dancing. Rumors circulating that the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock will be canceled after ticket sales were postponed. The organizer though, saying that's just not. It's rumors Michael Lang says the fiftieth anniversary concert with headliners the killers. Imagine dragons J C and about eighty other artists will happen tickets for the festival we're supposed to go on sale Monday..

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