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To the study include skin irritation respiratory issues headaches but no evidence of cancer I think the question is how much should people be worried and I think the take away that I would provide on that is that this study confirms prior research as well as our findings out in the field that there's not an enhanced level of cancer but that there is a quite infrequent risk of short term effects like the dizziness headaches and nosebleeds that fox thirty ones Joe Saint George concerning commerce city over suspected car jacking ring being carried out by team I want them cut sure it's not just happening here it's happening all over the city people's lives are in jeopardy police say they're investigating a string of recent carjackings in commerce city Denver Thorton in Adams County they say the suspected carjackers ranging in age from eighteen down to fourteen former Broncos and so you best defensive lineman Justin Bannan being held on five hundred thousand dollars bond in connection with the shooting in boulder police say he was arrested Wednesday on multiple charges including attempted murder the shooting that left a woman with non life threatening injuries happened at black lab sports arrest record show band and appeared to be in a drug induced state and told investigators the Russian mafia was after him three rock N. roll marathon series road running races will be impacting several or TD routes through this weekend in Denver the events a schedule for both tomorrow and Sunday traveling through a number of neighborhoods are TV says bus routes and rail lines will likely see delays and detours or permission to be found on the agency's rider alerts page on its website well.

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