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Mark Levin here our number 8 7 7 three 8 one three 8 one one 8 7 7 three 8 one three 8 one one As I say most days I don't know what's going on and talk radio or TV Land because I'm doing my own thing But there was a peace sent to me about two days ago and I wanted to check it out Make sure it was accurate and it was By gentleman by the name of Daniel dickin contributor community activist author conservative December 1220 14 published in something called the prince Arthur Herald I guess it's Canadian And the article existed in part the other day on The Huffington Post Huffington Post Canada And that closed in 2021 by the way Oh too bad Anyway so this was written This was written This was written 7 years ago 7 years ago ready Why Canada will become a dictatorship under Trudeau 7 years ago that the leader of that party does what he wants when he wants and no one dares questioning him What a prime minister Trudeau arbitrarily whipped the vote and outlaws certain moral questions Could prime minister Trudeau be trusted to make decisions for the good of the country not just for his personal self worth Which Trudeau called the police to enforce his vision let's hope we never have the opportunity to ask those questions Becoming clear as the days are Trudeau the liberals wear on If elected prime minister Justin Trudeau would turn Canada into a dictatorship Of course I'm sure at the time this gentleman was dismissed as a white supremacist kook He says this is the man who admitted he admires China's basic dictatorship it wasn't just a sarcastic comment He seriously said that he admires the dictatorship because they can get things done quickly And I would add much like Thomas Friedman and most of the left And it's becoming clear that Trudeau not only admires the dictatorship he runs the Liberal Party like that too How else can one explain the police enforced acclimation of Andrew Leslie as the liberal candidate for Orleans Even with hundreds of liberals attending the meeting to show their support for another candidate and form a Trudeau leadership rival it was clear from the beginning that Leslie was Trudeau's handpicked favorite and certainly wouldn't be stopped by pesky processes like democracy Just the imagery of Trudeau's chosen candidate being selected with police intervention is scary It shows that Trudeau doesn't just admire China's dictatorship He would practice one if he had the chance The nomination in Orleans is only the latest rigged open nomination quote unquote Despite Trudeau's promises to actually practice democracy at least half a dozen liberal nominations had been rigged or tampered with so that their direct intervention Trudeau's office Mysteriously disqualifying candidates changing nomination dates paperwork going missing using dirty background politics Auto ensure the leaders candidate is chosen at any cost But those are only liberal candidates surely Trudeau would loosen his grip on his caucus colleagues once they've been elected Whitney Unfortunately no The liberal caucus randomly learned one morning early last year that their leader had come up with a new dictate that all liberals would be expected Now required to vote pro choice Period When Trudeau's pathetic attempted defense that they were the party of the charter obviously missing those small sections about freedom of conscience and religion agitated more than a few liberal MPs he attempted to invent some weird grandfathering rule But then he abandoned that too The result is that liberal MPs who dare question that dictate are being punished Those who dare disagree have already been punished resigned or indicated they won't seek another term in office At least not under the iron fist of Justin Trudeau Liberals who are unilaterally expected by Trudeau without the slightest consultation with the Senate leadership To comply The Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau has become a dictatorship The leader of that party does what he wants when he wants Now that we know that Trudeau runs his party like a dictatorship we must ask ourselves is there any indication he wouldn't do the same as the leader of Canada What a prime minister Trudeau arbitrarily whipped the vote and outlaw certain moral questions and it goes on Let's hope we never have the opportunity to ask those questions Well here's the answer Cut one mister producer Justin Trudeau at a press conference today Go As I said the emergencies act is not something to undertake lightly And it's something that needs to be momentary temporary and proportional That's why every single day I'm receiving briefings and we are reflecting on how much longer the emergencies act needs to be in place We don't want to keep it in place a single day longer than necessary But even though the blockades are lifted across the border openings right now even though things seem to be resolving very well in Ottawa this state of emergency is not over There are continues to be real concerns about the coming days But we will continue to evaluate every single day whether or not it is time and we are able to lift this state of emergency The soft voice with the iron fist State of emergency Laws put in place after Al-Qaeda attacked the United States Now used against truckers their families Their bank accounts their dogs.

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