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Of that when i think they nailed it pretty early on iran and i i understand why that is that i think if we'll get to it in spoils nobody i'm going to tell you how i would have done all it has a man who's never made a movie i will tell you how i would change that first 10 minutes but i think i understand why they had to do that and i understand if if you winnings would in a different way they might be more exposition and has to be done lighter on yeah but once that 10 minutes was out of the way in i'm like i'm going to see what i'm not going to be concerned about what this movie isn't ominous anand actually just dig into what this movie i thought i was actually really like i i liked it a lot i certainly wasn't up there with my favorite but what i liked about it was the characters the casting worldbuilding some of the special effects but there was some story elements which i'll talk about in spoil as which kind of when that would that compelling to may and jim some things assented around the black man the character themselves which kind of lower the stikes flogging danger which which will talk about that there's moments where you think were they they really feel in danger but they kind of quickly kind of brushed aside but the cast of castelo yes is really good adding senator nobody's really good in it any standouts for you in particular i i think the villains were really good in this era and initially again when i went through the first time a michael this is kind of a rehash of the classic malval via movie villains set up way it's the hero versus a guy who's basically the hero a slightly different colored cost to clash or whatever there is certainly the hats boots.

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