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Uh you know from a nudges from kato was but nutrition modest smartest so when down he explained this saying about this technology ad um very intriguing against won't win against everything i knew as an athlete buds was interesting so garin i came back from florida and i said gary what do you think i said it's way above my head the gary said you know there's something here and i truly believe this is where you know eventually someday this is where it's going to go so we did license at the worldwide rights from that are for the technology from university south florida and then that's word the work began because at that point it was just an idea was howdy turn this incredible i did one into a product in than how decommoditizing gary what jeff is you guys license from from university of south florida it it was really the technology that said dominic had come up with uh in the uh combined reigning uh beta hydroxybutyrate and the chain triglycerides mcg and what while we kind of looked at in terms of that researches is what's the what's the actual benefit of of doing that and so be enabled to uh connect the two loss so amid chain triglycerides it responds differently in the body then does and exhaustion as key kijong spill when you combine the two of those in canada a tightening blend in the right ratio new you tend to get a much better and sustained level of key johns the you do was simply on the chain triglycerides long or persons will be beta hydroxybutyrate alone and so when you start looking at what his research was in being able.

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