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Did. There's a record. There's a koby record with phil and without feel the dramatically better with the ladder. They brought him back it. Did jerry west who happens to be the logo in a laker. Legend has a statue in front of the building. It was like memphis. you know. That's trae pau. Gasol to lakers get his brother market. Return that was actually a win win. Margaret souls terrific player time. They needed the experience and the versatility pouch assault. So what the lakers did you want portland to do not only as dame to stay with the new coach and don't overlook what happens with. Cj mccollum in this dynamic. You and i talked about their office. Says being really similar. How bolted of together in the back court is can be challenge in particular going against some of the more elite shooting guards and or lee guards in the game and so that may be an opportunity to get some value other than dame is moving. Cj mccollum but what you have to do is not panic. That's the important thing would also do something about it. And like i said in my ear do you move. Cj mccollum to philly. Would i get your business. Emmerson retired like you cata star being creative about what you do your squad and not.

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