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She talked to her the truth storage better than the movie. I'm sorry atlanta lente. She talked to her mom. Who's you know obviously the mom and the movies based on people. I think mostly like west like myself awful like y'all this mama's like paulo de not yes but she was the so she remembers from her childhood like another can class or something said that they wanted to be richly could buy mama house and then the mom jokingly said to the kit to lulu who was like a child at this point like you never say you want to give me yeah or whatever right yeah exactly yeah exactly i remember ever the common and then so that came back to her when she was deciding go disney eight twenty four right and so she's talked to her mom juice like yo i can make i you know i can get you a house like if i go with it is kneeling lots of money right and the mom said like ari have house like why do i need another house for i. This is your story. You have active have love and joy that to book which is kind of. I think what we're supposed to get through a little bit more in the movie. It was like the underlying like love and stuff there right which is destined to forget. I remember getting a little red envelopes from danny and quan would was gray your little. I liked that and the grandma sweet falso your momma's better so sorry and also would never call me stupid. My grandparents were very nice people as well oh <hes> and so i mean although i think that the kirk character in this is different from that i i still at least maybe and maybe it's just having like ben at coffee shops and other things like that where i'm seeing so many people like this that felt slightly more relatable even still so <hes> and since my grandmother could i mean so not would when it wouldn't be mean but could still kind of have that kind of southern kind of tough love aspect to or and also my my grandfather but so that stuff didn't really bother me as much and i really liked the relationship between aquafina bother me. I just come relate yeah yeah yeah yeah and and i thought that was very endearing and effective for the most part so yeah. It's a sad loneliness. Husband is working somewhere god. That's still a sad. I like i said well about may oh my god dang. I thought it looked pretty good. It is well yeah. I thought it was cool. I like remind me a little bit now. This is left field arriving a little bit ghost length mouths <hes> that's why i can see that for sure the kind of a killing of a sacred deer look you know lobster look. I don't think a little bit of lobster. Look yeah yeah. What's this other the one of the favourite yeah yeah so go for your go. She really coming on up gutter review one of those sometime we we have no we did. We did not all the lobster no and we didn't do deer either. Well fine with watching that again. You don't need to allies. We watched them before we do them. Okay well almost will skip skip that one. That's scarred me for life true george. How dare oh yes so since we're way past the release date at this point did you by i chance finish <hes> <unk> noble khloe george isn't it yes. That's that's the person who i had when i mentioned mentioned to you. Allow about someone pops up in it that you know he's in the fourth episode low well george from dunkirk good specify so he's barry yes sailing but now he's <hes> he's cool. I haven't started to be honest. It's good it's good i would say with kind of cutting close with once upon a time in hollywood. It's my favourite piece of entertainment it. It's a crazy ride. One of gemma's demonstra graduate school rule one of her rotation..

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