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Been released reportedly between, the president and former advisor Omarosa manigault Newman AP's Ben Thomas reports she says she, has more secretly. Recorded conversations from the White House including her firing by, chief of, staff John Kelly, take me into the situation room the doors are locked they tell me I. Can't leave Omarosa manigault, Newman recorded that meeting. Providing excerpts play during her appearance, on NBC's meet the press the chief of staff of the United States under the. Direction of the United States threatening me on damage to my reputation and things getting, ugly for me that's downright criminal and, if I didn't have these recordings no one. In America would believe me but the White House situation room is what's called a sensitive compartmentalize information facility more staffer not permitted to bring cell phones, or other recording devices manigault Newman says she did so. Anyway because this is a, White House where everybody lies the president lies to, the American people. Ben Thomas dresses that Marilyn Monroe war in her movies. And an autographed photograph will go on display before heading to auction the autographed. Picture was signed to Twentieth Century Fox executive Ben Lyon who discovered, her and gave her the stage name. Maryland to go along with her mother's maiden. Name Munro they'll be. Shown in Beverly Hills starting August eighteenth the auctions in late October the auction house profiles in history is also, selling photos from, Monroe's childhood and fifteen costume she wore in films including dresses from gentle Men prefer blondes and how, to marry a millionaire there's now a security warning about fax machines as the AP's Donahue, reports that company in Israel has discovered security flaws fax. Machines may be out of date but, the cybersecurity firm checkpoint says there are security flaws, in tens of millions of fax machines. It works by sending an image file through the phone line or a file that the fax machine thinks is an image. File and that is coated to contain malicious software when, a company receives the photo the image is decoded and uploaded into the facts printers memory.

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