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Will yo jones actually antonio brown he's making seventeen million which is the most per year rightfully so all right and then you got julio jones who's actually making less than a jay green who's making fifteen male all right let's see is there anyone else making more than julio jones sammy watkins which is just ridiculous to me i don't understand why that she is giving them that much money and maybe it's just a matter of i haven't seeing what everyone else sees them sammy watkins i think that might be it so you got sammy watkins a j green antonio brown jarvis landry de'andre hopkins mike evans and i'm gonna be missing anyone else will ios making fourteen point two all right so i believe that is six players okay six wide receivers in the nfl are making more money than julio jones per year on average okay what i take evans over julio jones no what i take the under hopkins over julio jones no always landry no antonio brown yes aj green no right down dre hawkins you could argue might be better than julio jones but nonetheless all right you get what i'm saying julio jones signed his deal in two thousand fifteen now it seems the market has gone up for wide receiver so i was because now you've got guys like jarvis landry who had been slot receivers their entire career and i have no problem in jarvis landry and fifteen million or i think he's a very good receiver offending a top ten receiver in this league.

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