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Of phase three advisory services a registered principal with royal alliance associates in buffalo Grove John always good to have you with us what's your first pick roller looking for winners either way this covert singles are gonna start with biosig technologies B. S. G. M. actually cover this exactly a year ago it's a medical device company but there's a new wrinkle they've gotten involved with Colbert he picked up a depicted by will clear which gives them access to remit the dip which is a drug to help prevent the spread of the virus what it does is it interrupts the transcription of agony now this is kind of similar to what room does server dies because it interrupts guanine but it is different and they've had some very good successes and they're doing a phase two trial right now so looks really interesting but that's really not the best part that just kind of comes along the best part is their medical device which is using bioelectric medicine for diagnosis and treatment so for example their first product called pure eat pizza is a new wave of heart oblation devices that filters out all the noise all the electronic noise from the room because what happens for the audiologist is got a messy signal and it's very hard to find where he actually needs to kill off part of the heart and with this new purity peak it's a very very clear signal so you don't have to redo that hard abrasion procedure two three four five times interesting that's biosig technologies B. S. G. M. what's your second pick second pick nvidia Corp so some people still think of nvidia as a gaming chips but really they moved into a hi there GPU graphics processing unit has been excellent in the current fight against the holy because you're actually able to on a virtual basis test drugs this is a big huge win for farmers and what's gonna be happening in the future looks like there's going to be a big win for the whole healthcare industry may even get into full monitoring of our health using these these chips very very interesting so I think that there's an opportunity here that a break out on may fifteenth at a price of three seventeen it's a little extended now three sixty two I think there's a chance to get in maybe around three forty three forty five but this is not cheap it's expensive it sixty times earnings but if you buy this with a five to ten year outlook think you'll do just fine thanks so much John beaver president of phase three advisory services are Monday stock picker his two picks today biosig technologies B. S. G. M. and nvidia NV D. A. WBBM news time twelve fifty three once you get a check of these markets now sponsored by finishing Chicago dot com here's a Lisa Parenti Cisco it's a split decision at the moment with the Dow lower by eighty four points or a third of a percent while the nasdaq is gaining two thirds of a percent or sixty three points S. and P. off just one to thirty forty one and the Wintrust WBBM Chicago index from Bloomberg is fractionally higher oil up about fifty cents to thirty six dollars.

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