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To learn how to properly and safely operate the boat and i've always indicated with our training program it's all about parking a boat in any boater will tell you is you really don't start enjoying boating until you can pull up to that bar restaurant in you don't have everybody panicking as you're pulling in and banging into their boats as we spend a lot of time teaching about operate those those boats and parking steve dobrev freedom boat club of lake saint clair owner and they've certainly been some great to michigan and great lakes expansion yes currently there's thirteen locations around the great lakes we have four on the west side of michigan in saint joe grand haven holland whitehall we have our lake saint clair location we're looking to expand to an additional location here in the near future we're looking in the detroit area also lake saint saint clair shores as well as out in the elgon accurate our next kind of targeted development area and the beautiful of this membership the beauty one of the beauties of this membership is say you're traveling internationally forget about trying to get your boat there or anything else like that or figuring out how you can get a hold of a boat if you're a member of this club the freedom boat club there are some great international and european expansion going on as we speak just every day there's a getting emails talking about new clubs opening up but we just opened up our nova scotia location vancouver location in the last two years in canada and then you know the president of the company is he is determined to develop our european locations in it's soon going to be worldwide were opening our first location and france partnering up with juno boats over there and we know this model works is all we need is water in a population and people that like to go boating and the program works with the you know we just see this thing just developing worldwide in the near future father's day coming up you have a little not a little you have a pretty good fathers day special this is a great special we're reducing the membership fee the entry fee by.

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