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It's it's a planet and the guy's laughing. He's like well, of course it is. What do you mean? He's like, no, we're. We're like we're on a planet in space lately Caselli you're that far out and you can look at Earth and see the moon and see the sun and see planets in the sky and suddenly you realize Oh my God we're suspended out here in this nothing he's like we're on a spaceship and we're all like we're on that fricken planet it's a planet you know. How many of us really ever even get to Even contemplate that you know. Visibly see it with the naked eye. So that sure that perspective thing it's a it's an interesting I. Forget why I got off on this diatribe sorry than blabbing. But Hey, Elon musk a car in space right? Does. And it's silly but it's like look at how many people were had that that impacted. So many people that day we all witnessed just again, the audacity here's a guy who was literally saying is long as it gets above the launch pad before it explodes I'm happy because he knew that if they destroyed that launch pad that was going to set back their whole manned space. Travel situation all that stuff because that particular launch pad is is crucial to their future plans. Not only did it clear the launch pad it went off both saw are both side boosters came back landed a almost like picture perfect at the same time and he got his payload out there with the little car and we were able to watch as as a as a as earthlings. This little car like tumbling out in space. It was just the you know how do you not I? Know it's kind of silly and it's the arrogance of one billionaire and that kind of thing, and it's his car and all that. But it's also kind of like, Hey, there's a bunch of kids that I'm sure. Were inspired that day to kind of you know go man or you could do that. Finally. Actually, probably a broader question is, would you ever be interested in space travel yourself? If you suddenly you know had a bunch of monster hit movies inside of you know I want to Want to take a trip somewhere. I would have to it would have to get and I think Neil degrasse Tyson. is of the same thing he said it would have to get to the point where it's as safe and communist commercial air travel to even consider it. But yes. It would be.

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