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This plenty to celebrate about. It should work. It should account state not working the big thing. He's hoax for to years. Reminding cameras on. Bobby deal that type cameras. Thirty two said he would say that. It's what july pipes that in what he added balanced food wise. But let's twenty twenty. Three august can do it with lynch and revolt tippin to do it. Down the enamel eilly concern walls and ease with his ex smith plan on the mc jakes at your waterwings pack. Jayme stadium is locked alphabet. Pock because tactically track of. What's going on the wings are tall. I task easy gonna be that freedom to to move. I still think side. Because he's in arriving base. He'll be out of fundraiser snap. Why is x. Me that yesterday to be confined. But it's long so they still plenty of spice on might stadium. Baiting workings can't say being. He should egypt. What actually happens. You become another meet field. You provides them with a lift food. Which is something a little bit different as well you guys. You'll have a minagawa with the right foot on one wing of the list on another wing. Just use a variation through the midfield of the cats. I have a huge demand for his assad. Hammering obviously comes in his one but jack mice bicycle Doesn't seem like a lumping arrived for detainment being a good balance of Saw it actually helps always sold what holds all types of murphy's you can get a look at hulu coming off hop back to reach the leads up. Just doesn't it now that you picked up some crackers in the draft so you picked up mexicans at twenty and analysis club melbourne had. They're always on him. So thank you very much via search traded up to get into that Twenty nine sar by by with on his agenda. Nearly picked up a thirty-three nick. Stevens a forty forty-seven as well theresa knauss little bit of youth to to complement the age coming into the club. Maximum chabane the by storm reports. It'll be applying sony. Footy heartfully She saito was having a chat with somebody connected to the club yesterday. And now we're gonna go back to the old school your apprenticeship vice on what happened last year last selassie. Obviously what happened was i fell seasons. We wanna scratches in Introduced a lot apply lashed year. The guys in the fray season talking back here to stevens is the big one that i thought would place insane. You forty that's i in twenty nine national drought reading it. Looking chrissy was probably emergency. Maybe three or four times but just couldn't fool lying to the saw a suspect To be played the whiteys only sixteen rounds. you're gonna have to stop some guys second t forty site like forty before you get your opportunity by times. I really do. Not a lot of exposed will obviously a Background with his mom. Layla being i I laid athletes. I want that abandoned. They've got messy reps on shannon. Neil got really lucky is Probably to fill some spots author into the grand incoming knees way he falls they get developed alive or the grandeur good of that a lot look at him. Stevens is an interesting one When you get dan pick forty audience at a draft wasn't exposure. You probably speculating a little bit. But the saying something by lock side and then they throwing Pull sabotage By rookie coming out of them at abascal was a handy junior Got all the attributes. Athletically We want to see how he develops. You'll be allies. Wants to the two or three east to see where he's at at the easy young cat but he will eat so similar Communist twenty one twenty two year. all coming We give tom develop. That's improved it's gonna come from ways you'll concern lying yali concerned that i'll have at this stage and i don't want to saipan have to. It's a bit of the hell dad's army aspect of it where you've got non plies iva thirty you've got to have a twenty three to twenty eight which is thirty. Plus percent of your least is over that mark. That's more concerned that all i see that along with the season goes the hotter. It gets old. Do you say from a different way. This evening game season really helped law. She might actually help to be sheer. Well said lots of jail cell jal was averaging twenty two twenty three games of forty eight at high intensity law. She he would apply thinking fourteen gangs in some of that that injury that he suffered ivory against calling so he might have looked at four hundred fifteen games and when that's happening that will help him going forward shorts as in will help at jones. I think you'll at least these data she Which will help a suspect in our think martaban also Got you want get many blacks line twenty gangs. Now he can't. I don't think you can the why that it's going now. Especially bringing the tyson's. Dan is gonna to make it harder. They're gonna have to be the gonna deal. Spread allowed a lot more more thais through become very english premier league soccer. That your squad. Some guys will be like by guide. Some will be live Yup yup what's he's with caveat the light cap some will be. You're paying guidance. ach behind. Why guys with full points. But sometimes you just gonna have to be a little bit selective the jal on applying to especially if it's flying fly up on the club's died. Do you put a block on hamstring issue recently eddie young at the high intensity Yeah that's that's my consent and then flying on from that greece is that the least demographic is well you've got only half a dozen Between twenty five. Twenty seven july Way that should be billy. Smith's doc- lang jacksonville are being. The first piece of drafts gone So the cats go ludovic gaps. Twenty twenty th raise probably going to be interesting Wage along least do that Because we opens will be gone. Celery gone heinous in. Probably gone to egon si- he and smith One of them me. Sandra three Me twenty twenty s which have seen a long. Why but really interesting onto the catch but body nice keith. Modicum on it's all we're was that's the whole thing we'll ask you one thing about twenty twenty two twenty twenty one. What do you prefer brain asking everybody these in just general compensation on. I'm gonna ask you to stop this with every group. Did you prefer the seventeen game season oil. The twenty two game season going to be seventeen. Seventeen i just think allah every guy means something play once. It's it's even possible. Yeah now what. I walked the twenty two becomes more of a test of your ability to manage at least civilian brings it back. United tech ball games off Only on lock it easy. He's still gonna have the same length of season games but you still starting to meet delight match a timber if you're not doing that if you don't starting than we'd i roy. Finishing early september off a wide variety. the Operatic series. In get.

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