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Sport. Here are the top stories we're following this hour on WTO, Maryland's governor has ordered state police to suspend the use of existing standards, requiring a good and substantial reason to issue a permit to carry a gun. Governor Larry Hogan says the Maryland requirement is now unconstitutional after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a similar provision in New York. A gunman on a rooftop opened fire on a 4th of July parade in suburban Chicago yesterday, killing at least 6 and wounding dozens more following an hour's long search, a 21 year old man has now been taken into custody. WNBA star Brittany griner making an appeal directly to President Biden, it arrived in a letter at The White House yesterday. She tells the president she fears she may never return home. She's being held in a Russian jail and is being tried on charges of possessing cannabis oil. Stay with WTO much more on all of these stories coming up in minutes. D.C. has learned that gay, lesbian, or transgender kids, have a disproportionately higher risk of being hurt or hurting themselves. And that's pushing the city to take action. The findings from the D.C. youth risk behavior survey were startling enough that the city's school superintendent wanted to tackle them head on. Here's why. It tells us that our D.C. used that identify as lesbian gay bisexual or transgendered disproportionately experienced health risks as suicidal thoughts and ideations or sexual violence. Christina grant says a new three year program will help by training teachers how to recognize signs of trouble and help. There will also be a renewed effort to educate about sexually transmitted infections like HIV for middle and high schoolers. Grant says the goal is to ensure

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