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Me peter. I listened to this album after your show hotel. California should have closed the record. We talked about that. Our buddy knowledge looking forward to this one great pick. Zeus always love. When murph has guest starring appearance sean mcnair. I didn't think you guys did anything. But hair metal. We're back clark side of the moon. Great review guys not a huge eagles fan but this review helped me to appreciate this classic. There's a reason that overplayed songs are overplayed. That's true koba absolute excrement. The parts were definitely graded on the summoned. This band. i wouldn't walk across the street to see them for free. But i may pay a couple of bucks to see washer hanley solo. Hell even fry's corpse would be more entertaining. Gone and then sunny said wow that's even harsher from my years harmon stellar. Do i own this record. Yes bought it many years ago. Do i have buyer's remorse. Yes can i sell it on ebay. Know why because a ton of others have buyer's remorse to man all right. That's that's that's that's twitter shit there so let's up some facebook. Yes shit our buddy scott donaldson. Who's down there another enjoyable episode boys great here murph on again gonna say never really got into the eagles too much to mellow for me. I do appreciate the music talent though in fact that they sold so many albums. Amazing don't know any of the members of the blend fry as he appeared my favorite eighties. Tv show what does that. What you guys think. It is smart man. Tony miami vice. That's right off. Yeah thanks again. Boys sean geek podcast or remember this guy. I keep trying to figure out which of you. I'm siding with the most on this one as i dig into more and more episodes and really enjoying the show. Keep up the great work. Is sean mcnair in the eighties. Under the influence of anti rock evangelists who interpreted hotel california as being the church of satan which they said was founded in nineteen sixty nine. The wine is symbolic of the holy spirit. And we haven't had that since nineteen sixty nine. Was god leaving town when the satanic church was started. How okay Matt wallace the. When i saw this new episode pop it was the only thing popped up. I was so excited that it started to churn up a quarter size container of manmade handmade mayonnaise. The title track is usually top. Ten greatest songs ever made side. One of the album's absolutely amazing. Starting to cut this short. But churning stick his begging to be put back to war. Helman's ain't got nothing on me. Thanks for the inspiration. A combination of all your voices almost like squally bottle viagra crowley. Wow max lynch like. Toms thought on if victim of love was a kiss song. That pita chris sang would have been way better than wasting that. Vinyl space on venture kissed me. That's adam nick. Meyer surprise much. I disliked the second half of the salad. I thought that the wall cher we got rid of the insipid easy listening songs eagles. But i guess not. And i'll take greenwich glenn fry song over henley any day of the week and ccd over felder twice a day. Oh status is just nonsensical. No boring ass last resort on open up and say for sure. That's true well that he's got a point there. Oh my god juliet james. Anyone wanna watch. Wanting a good eagles watch. I recommend the farewell. One war filmed here in melbourne and exceptional live concert currently shown here in australia and amazon. Prime joe walsh is a beast l. Snead rock was recently a common of a week there. Tom right episode dudes and also shout out to murph in boonie who also did a great job. I joined this. Because i'm not a huge eagles fan but i do like an appreciate some of their tunes and songwriting. I was thought that the album had way too much long. Ponderous mellow tunes. I would've loved to have a couple more One being an upbeat countryish tune in other rock shocked. That walsh's tune was what it was. Do you think henley and fried said you could have sung a song show but it has to be within these guidelines or. Do you think you wrote that tuned to fit in with the eagles. Zeus my greek brother adding no steve rockers. Greek your walsh impression is hilarious and sounds like you're ace voice after a couple more bottles of booze. I don't know what each guys were doing but next year. No gift five dollars age when you got problems you he sounds like a fucking stroke victim. He sounds like he's got some headaches. He's he's got a head injury but he's a fun guy. Everybody loves joel. Likable guy in fucking rock. He's just everyone likes joe. Walsh as the age of the eagles gave some rarely saudi saudi. Because of your views on the longer slow tunes i'm going to go back and give them a repeat. Listen if they grow me more. The one surprise for me was the miser track loved it right away. It is fucking love. I love randy. Meisner yasu cardia. I can read some greek and that just means Hello and polly. I'm just thinking of brother's friends. It's like a brotherly friends. it's a nice way so there. There's your week mike. Rohan great episode light. The diverse album choices and opinions of all of you who cocky poon not not liking any joe wall solo material. How i s. i'm trying to run the fucking in my head right now. That's that's a big ten four with kiss. I liked the diversity of different lead vocals on eagles students. If think joe's lead vocals on pretty maids is awesome touch. Standout tune on the album for me. Thanks for all you hard work. Fuck o.'s very much. Appreciated ray farrell tells us three hours forty one minutes dudes ready. This one's four hours and thirty one minutes. it'll be dudes. Yeah julia james awesome. Jepson our buddy. Mr jebsen grown up in thrash metal and kiss. I just thought the eagles old people music. I love hotel california. learn it on my twelve. String definitely appreciate the. Moore's got older. But i guess sales stick to the greatest hits. This album is to light. Love the hits. So the only three i liked on some life in the fast lane victim. Love to california love the passion. Zeus asam. it was cool listened but forty. I agree with sunny a lot on this one. So oh and then we have michael murphy. Listen to murph wax poetic about this almost almost as big of a boar as the band in this album go. Michael moore has tried to repeat that joke. Fifty times over on loud casters ear. Tom paul hater comment of the episode. So far after. Zeus extended review a reading of this album's themes of loss. Innocent idealism. tom. Yeah that's kissed it with love. Gun paul hyder also continued with random thoughts. Great episode brought back memories of my high school english teacher trying to teach us about steamatic layers in writing back in the early eighties. He was a middle aged hippie type with a soft heart who played hotel california to the class and ask what the song was about crickets. Sounds like mr van. Driessen from beavis and butthead. Definitely the wrong crowd. Gotta disagree with sunny about joe walsh rocky mountain ways rate also. He is a muppet. But i love him. Don henley's i can't stand still was the first owned by album. I owned by eagles member. Still love it to this day. Finally.

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