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Month. Wins right ahead of Mother's Day. I'm just gonna leave it at that. She wins. 7 34 time for Cairo for a fee of real time traffic. Here's Armand Shay. Well, brother was popped up in Canyon Park here. This is on four or five. Stop out of 5 27 on that ramp there that cellphone on ramp from north bound 5 27 a collision partially blocking it, And they've had to send aid car so it looks like they have An injury there. There's also some fire assistance, so that's going to be a bit of mess for their that general area on four or five slowing more. Now that you come down to vaulted from Danson Road. So it looks like we're up to about 18 or 19 minutes on the lid with Bellevue Drive, which isn't bad at all. 42 minutes revert to Seattle down I five pretty heavy and live with now not like terrorists and shoreline and actually coming down to the bowling freeway. We've got some slowing was a little bit around women 40 50 as well coming up the Valley Freeway. That's heavy for about 1/80 to 4 or five, which is very hard to join now going north because we've got the usual back up there from basically renting to Newcastle. At about a 43 44 minute drive time on that stretch Federal way to Seattle looks like about the same because you've still got some slowing around Midway South Center and into downtown Seattle that backup starting around Boeing Field now. This report, sponsored by the Washington State Department of Health Code. 19 Vaccines are now available to all 16 and older visit. Vaccine locator dot dot wa dot gum today That's vaccine locator dot deal Wage Not Want Doc to D O h Don't want Doc up. Wor radio. Real time traffic on the threes. I'm armored ship. It's a tongue twister, for sure. But those vaccines very available right now, a lot of places just offering for you to walk up and get one. Now let's see. We are going to have a warm day. 72 degrees the high fairly nice though you will notice clouds moving in.

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