Rochelle Walensky, Wnyc, President Biden discussed on Morning Edition


To the CDC rejected boosters for people in high risk jobs The panel narrowly rejected endorsing boosters for people on jobs that might put them at risk like doctors nurses and teachers A slight majority said there just wasn't enough evidence to support that That put them at odds with the FDA which just hours earlier had authorized boosters for workers like that CDC director Rochelle Walensky overruled the advisory panel on that recommendation China is expected to get a lot of attention at The White House this afternoon when President Biden meets with the prime ministers of Japan India and Australia NPR's Lauren freyr has more The Biden administration wants to stand up to what it perceives as China's authoritarianism It wants to counter China's growing influence wants to ensure free trade and the indo Pacific And so that is basically what today's quad summit is focused on The quad meeting is also expected to address COVID-19 This is NPR news from Washington And this is WNYC in New York at 6 32 rain 58 sunny later and 70 good morning a Michael hill and J transits gladstone branch rail service is suspended in both directions The civilian complaint review board has confirmed to WNYC that its opening an investigation into the killing of 27 year old Antonio Williams Police shot and killed Williams in The Bronx in 2019 double USC's Joseph jetty and has the story Members of Williams family have been waiting nearly two years for an investigation into his killing The incident also resulted in the death of plainclothes officer Brian multan by friendly fire from police but the CCRB has long faced criticism over its ability to investigate police misconduct in a timely manner According to the mayor's latest management report the average time the agency spent completing a substantiated complaint now takes 433 days That's up from 326 days in 2020 and 269 in 2019 About 16% of healthcare workers in New York State are still not vaccinated against COVID-19 that's despite the Monday start of a statewide mandate Governor Kathy hoku says she has been in talks with unions and regulators to review options if there are staffing shortages She still asking people to step up and get the shot It's not going to be perfect but it can be It can be a perfect situation if we can get the holdouts to understand the power they have to help us get back to normal and pleading them to see it in that perspective In New York City a vaccine mandate for public school staff goes into effect on Monday as well The New York City council has passed at landmark slate of bills to provide protections for food delivery workers the legislation includes tip protections and mandated minimum trip payments and grants workers access to restaurant bathrooms Claudia Rosario Ponte is a reporter for the news outlet the city She says while workers who have been organizing for nearly a year and a half are ecstatic there is still more to be fought at the state and federal levels The one thing that these bills don't do is grant them full rights and reclassification you know because they work for these apps they're considered independent contractors That means they don't have a minimum wage no hazard pay no insurance and no real labor protections allowed to full employees Mayor de Blasio says he supports the legislation and is expected to sign the measures into law After 5 weeks of testimony in R&B singer R. Kelly's sex trafficking trial juries in Manhattan heard closing arguments yesterday federal prosecutors urged the jurors to convict Kelly on federal charges they say he used his celebrity as leverage to sexually abused women girls and boys they say loyal members of Kelly's entourage helped him lure underage victims into his orbit to abuse them Kelly's lawyers accused accusers of lying the jury could begin deliberating this afternoon Your weather now rainy this morning and this afternoon cloudy than gradually becoming mostly sunny with the high in here 70 the weekend looks great as well 58 now.

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