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Okay. So one of the things I know I 'cause Remax has been involved with the preschool ANSI n since nineteen ninety two and I'm going to date myself a little bit and say, I was around when that relationship started. So it's. Been really nice to see it. Grow over the years, you know, kind of how it's AbdIn float and where we're at today. I what I've always liked about it is that not that there's not a need for a quick -ment, you know, or for whatever the hospital, thinks the money needs to go. But I've always loved that we've had the ability to kind of own a program, if you will, and get to know, parents and family that are that are part of it. Which, I guess, is going to bring you into the equation here. You are appearance of who's had a couple of children, actually go through the preschool, can you share a little bit about your experience, kind of what led you to the preschool start with. Well at my have different issues. My first son was speech delayed and had a moderate. And. The group and then the preschool was a natural progression from their recommended by between which pathologists in the department and I could not have been happier with the program. They excellently and expertly took care of my son came out of their finding his voice finding his ability to articulate what he wanted to say without being misunderstood. And then eventually go onto a typical preschool program before starting kindergarten, which is fantastic. And I guess this leads to be there on a flip this back to you. Initially is the preschools kind of a hidden gem. I mean, not everybody in the metropolitan area really knows about this preschool, who's this program foreign in how would parents, I guess, kind of come across your this is something that they should be asking about. Absolutely..

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