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But the funny thing is that's been helpful because a few times we've had items that have said they've been delivered but were delivered three doors down. And so then we're like, Wait, Who's porches? That? 00 that's where our packages let's go get out. Well, the other thing that bug's main Thank you for asking. But what you don't know for sharing. You got it, buddy. Is when you order. Let's just let you order five things from Amazon. I hate that they all come in different boxes. Like, why can't I more? I'm picturing a warehouse that has all of the things and they just go and grab them from Isles use their forklift whatever throw them all in a box, but no one is coming from Montana. One is coming, You know from somewhere else, Just so you know, that's not always the case now. So we have the shock Epi center, the distribution center in shock, but it's huge. And just two days ago we got opened The box and inside were probably five different things separate orders that have been placed so they do consolidated sometimes. Okay, I know this because I'm ordering their more than you are right now. His career, Okay? You need me to get you anything. Maybe know what? What? Why would make that name was on when I could go just to the regular Site like if I need a lawnmower, I'm not going to go to Amazon. I'm going to go toe like home depot dot com. Sometimes people going through every time. I like books that air used. If they're in great condition. I'll be like, Yeah, I'll get that DVD or book from You, okay? I'm looking up the Alex. We gotta go and more When we come back, we're going to get tipsy. The This is your cue. Ah, couple things you could do. Ah, Are you drinking cheap beer, and you're kind of like this could use a little more flavor. I'll tell you what you should drop into it. Also the device that you might have in your kitchen, Not a microwave, A different device you might have in your kitchen That could help you clean your end 95 Mass. So if you have one, we get tipsy when we return on, Don and Steve on my talk. Nothing but good times getting up with.

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