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You get paid. All right. Ed. Let's set this up. You're gonna hear from Jerry you've been around. Jerry, a lot after games you were having to wrap up some stuff. You did with the titans who is your who's your interview for the titans, by the way? I didn't. I didn't get running back. Dion Lewis who had good sixty are rushing. Sixty Arja receiving made a spectator of Derrick Henry, the former second round running back on Alabama really took over the lead role at running back. Scored a touchdown on a screen pass thirty plus yard screen pass play in the fourth quarter to help close out the game. So we went with his observations he squirted around all over the field. He was very impressive and former former guy usually with the with the patriots. And so by the time you finished up with him. We had already started it on Jerry. And and you've been around Jerry Alon after these games. What about you'll hear both questions from myself, and as we get into this. What about Jerry's demeanor his countenance, so to speak what stood out to you? It's very unusual that you catch Jerry in a in a situation where he's honest about his frustration and describing his teams play as being so substandard and so below his own expectations. Usually Jerry's a kinda guy who's pumping sunshine all the time. And this wasn't that by any measure, and you think further about you know, all of the advantages that they had in this game. You forget that Jason Witten was back for the first time as a cowboy and there was a ceremony before the game. And so there was it was an electrically in the in the crowd, and then they got those early turnovers and the chance to take a big lead, and they just failed by every measure to to meet Jerry's expectations. And it isn't often that he acknowledges it in a moment. So close to the end of the game where you okay with the Jason Witten tribute, you infamously were Chris. Vical of the twenty Romo Tribu only critical in saying they didn't do this for Troy Aikman. And he is a celebrated high level that worked partner broadcaster. And seems to me he won a few more Super Bowl rings than certain other people that might have been giving more acclaim when they came back. I don't remember. The welcome home. Troy banners? Like there were for Wittman Romo, and that's all fine. And well, that's for them to decide how they wanna do it. I'm just saying I think Troy deserve that too. If anybody did got you got you in Whitten. They sit Witten looked pretty emotional. He was gonna make some remarks right after that on ESPN. But they said Joe tests toward talked over him. I know everybody was worried about is. I talked to so many people the broadcast grew there were very concerned about being able to control his emotions circumstance. He did fine. I he was he was good to say quarter. I was listening to it from the press box broadcast, and And he did did some some good. good people been beaten up on him a lot. He's going to be. Okay. They thought they were getting robo. He's not Romo. He's not. He's not that witty no pun intended. Each. Just it's not him. He is smart. And he knows football like crazy in if allowed to in put in the right situations. He can be good. He's just this is not been a great booth for him. And I don't want to go too far into it on that respected ED's still paid by Fiennes. So I don't want him to come at too much on it. All right. Well, actually went and did say something critical of the Cowboys late in the game about the trick play with Colby's Lee from the posing from the twenty yard line. They had a trick reverse play where Colby's Lee who hadn't been given the ball all night. Suddenly now becomes a feature attraction when they're down two touchdowns late in the fourth quarter. And then he's he's giving the ball on a reverse expected to stop and throw back to Dak Prescott from the twelve. This you need all this to score in the final minutes from the twelve yard line. When you're down to. Touchdowns. And he said something to the effect of that's, you know, that's one of the things that that's kind of frustrating thing that makes you realize why you didn't come back..

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