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Mr excitement. Jackie Wilson all-time time. Great and an all time great on the handicapping front, rich. Hang his first visit at twenty nineteen. So it's still okay. Even though it is the tenth of the month. I can still get away with saying happy new year rich. Hey, I be happy new year you and all the listeners that I always consider it a special day when I can come on with you always now, I appreciate it and help you sandy had yet. Nice holiday. Very nice, very nice. You know, we we've been here in Vegas. It's ninety eight and you know, the celebration on the strip is obviously world famous with the maybe seven eight nine casinos. They put the fireworks on the rooftops and fifth really incredible show. People all over the world love the but the clothes off the strip, obviously, the pedestrian traffic, but the sandy and I have never gone to the strip and mingled with humanity. We actually maybe said sign of the a lot of times, you don't even stay up to the bar. We want you to replay that we take from the nice watch it in the morning. I hear you. I, you know, I it teed, and I were teen. And I were we need to fix to keep the eyes open. But we had been in New York, we we had gone down to Brooklyn and spent overnights, and so we we've been out a couple of nights in a row late. And by the time, we got to the thirtieth and thirty first we were we were a little bleary eyed at and I agree. I know the feeling it's like, okay. What are you going to do? What are you going to do to stay up here? The for the for the ball drop. Share this one story phone, my might much more youthful days when I was working at the New York Racing Association that might twenty eight twenty, but you know, the thing about the the ball dropping at Times Square and the district area and more Manhattan. That's really a phenomenal seem to and I had to go down there. Once when I went down there with my roommates living four stills queens, and you pick the subway into Manhattan, and I knew was going to be a remarkable. Because I I saw people literally talking getting sick like at five o'clock in the afternoon. And this was that seven hours before before New Year's, and then you go down to the the area, and the securing their thing it was really quite an experience with that. One time was enough for me. I saw more junkie full, and I for the rest of my life. The only my only parallel to that. Is it goes back to college? When on Saint Patrick's Day and on Saint Patrick's Day hickeys tavern in Hamilton, Colgate hickeys would open up at maybe six AM and the place would be packed by six three. And they're. Say Patrick's Day, especially if it came during the week, you would see people wandering around on campus by by nine thirty drunk. I it was hysterical. And literally the party at Dickey's that was a that would be a an eighteen twenty hour just drunk fest. In fact, it famously famously there was a there was a Saint Patrick's Day brawl in the streets in Hamilton that spilled out of hickeys one year. Now that I'm thinking about it. I'm gonna say eighty one maybe that was a that was quite something. I've I've completely forgotten that, but you gotta be. Talk about public drunkenness. That was. Yeah. I bet your March of eighty one I'm guessing that's pretty funny. Through it a little hooliganism there. Oh, yeah. You have. No you. Well, the cops were the hooligans that in that versus the students. I mean, it it. There was always that that's one of those. You know, the the the town in gown issue the students the the students in the community. And and you know, you gotta strike a balance we had a we had a famous snowball fight, the Deeks and the Fiji's across the street and the cops got involved and there were rests..

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