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You're listening to as it happened, the archive addition, tonight's theme fake news coming up a little later, be completely made up story that broke the needle on the as it happens. BS detector. Fiscal staged his own death, and he's not only lived to tell about it, but he has a photo capturing the exact moment. He apparently plummeted to his end. Then again, Matt Vesco has tons of other images of himself doing shocking and scandalous. Things snorting cocaine at the office ogling couple having sex and vacuuming grandparents to name just a few old fake. But Mr. Cobos intent isn't a pool anybody on really anything. It's to bring attention to the inherent fakeness of the original images. Images that didn't originally include him. Matt Mesko vote is an art director and part time stock photo bomber in two thousand fifteen. He spoke with Carol about his unusual side gig, Matt. What is stock photo bomber? Well, I am the start. Oh, mama. My stock photo bombing is my effort to kind of the world of stock photography into a more real place weight. This idea come from, well, my background is advertising and I looked through a lot of stock the Takefuji and one day I was shopping and gift shop. I walked past the sexual. They were selling some picture frames and they had a stock photo of family in the frame. And you know, just something kind of snap in my head, and I just had to do something to that photo and I bought the frame. I didn't even really need a frame. I just bought it to gain in the photo. Scanned it in my first instinct was to put myself in the photo and it was particularly offensive as like it was a couple of young son, and I see. Picture of a birthday party and he's blowing out his candle, a different one. So I never actually put the one that I scanned in the picture frame out in the world because I didn't have the license to do that. But the one that you're referencing is one that I bought later, the one around drinking a beer with the top on in the background. Yeah, so happy, happy family, having their party oblivious to this man looking rather like you're in some sort of eight of dread drinking a beer in your underwear? Yes. If anyone has ever been at a child's birthday party you can relate to that man tells the other other photos you photo bombed yourself into. Well, there's another shot where there's a couple having a very intimate moment on the bed together, and I am their roommate who has Bandari issues standing about three feet from them eating a bag of potato chips. Very. Nonchalantly standing just watching them. I think you know the thing with these photos is the photographers and the models are it's really guesswork on their part. You know, these are not photos that are purchased beforehand by someone with a specific need. They are like, just guessing. Okay. Maybe put an older couple looking kind of sewing on the edge of a bed. Maybe someone might need that, you know, like they're just kind of throwing it out there. And I think that's really the reason why I think these photos look the way they do because they're just kind of creating these things that they hope we'll check off enough boxes for people, whether it's an Eddie gency or a graphic design company or what have you. And they're hoping that it'll do enough to get someone to actually use it. And I think that's why they're kinda bizarre. Another one, a couple, the men and women in business office environment. He's explaining to her, what are you doing. I am doing something naughty on the other side of the partition and doing some drugs. You're snorting coke. Okay. Yes, you could say that. Exactly. Say that. I feel like I'm on the stand. It's really a a lot of fun. I really enjoy it. Then you'll definitely see some more talks little bounce and future professional stock photo Bomer Matt Visco VO speaking with Carol in twenty fifteen. You can see some of Mr. Vesco Votto bombs on the as it happens website CBC dot CA, slash AH..

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