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Are we are we a shepherd are we a steward where do we own this stuff they got rid of it all took everybody on their staff and went to jerusalem for while and he reset his whole life and said this is who we are and then they went back out on the road that's the guy mike grandfather stood for but you would know that about johnny cash they left out this is kind of a major thing during the height of johnny cash is depression and the height of his drug use johnny cash drove out to a series of caves he went out there all by himself didn't tell anybody depressed strong out he wanted to end his life in those tennessee caves but he said he rode later as he lay there in the dark something happen there quoting him in naked jack cave i became so conscience conscious of a very clear simple idea i'm not in charge of my destiny i'm not in charge of my life my death i was going to die at god's time not mine i hadn't prayed over my decision to seek death in the cave but that hadn't stopped god for intervening he said he felt an urge and a breeze moving him in a specific direction he got lost in the cave live but he felt follow this breeze it led him to the exit of the cave when he got out from the cave there was june and his mom waiting at the edge of the cave with food and water when he get out he when he got out he said how did you know i was here they said they knew that something wasn't right and they needed to go find johnny and they just were told weight here god save johnny cash from killing himself that's his words he stopped using drugs was performing again by november nineteen sixty seven and all they said about that in the movie is a connection to god how can you tell the story of johnny cash is second part of his life and admit the most amazing part of it.

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