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Down with Greta. Gerwig to talk about her new film little women on the big picture and Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett appeared on the Bill Simmons. PODCAST talk about the newest film. Uncut gems happy new year from the ringer. I'm Shawn Fantasy. This is the big picture a conversation show about the seventy seven. Th annual golden in global wards. Amanda here we are once more. We think we know what we're talking about. Enter these things with great confidence even knowing that the Golden Globe boards are famous famously. wonky messy goofy silly stupid and they have shocked us once more. Nineteen eighteen seventeen has won best drama. which I don't think either one of US predicted we in fact you did not pick that I think we thought all four of the other contenders had a good story story? I I do want to say you and I washed together and you. I believe pitched picked joker on our podcast Dixie Irishman. And at one point you shared with me that your wife was going with marriage story and and we watched a two popes commercial and I was like well it could be two popes and you said you. We've now talked about the possibility party of four of the five winners which means it'll probably be nineteen seventeen now. Look you and I are very lucky to have these jobs. We are but I do not claim to know anything like. I'm just going to put this on the table here. I don't I don't know anything. I know people who knows stuff but I don't know anything and this is an example of having any confidence about doing any of this stuff. I thought a lot of Adam. Sandler's character from uncut gems. When that moment happening where I was like this is what must be like to be an awful gambler? I think I went like four for fourteen tonight. Some brutal number. I think you and I are luckily tied at four hundred fourteen. I just WanNa remind you that I very confidently set on the podcast. I I think I got four wrong. That's true and I thought that would have been impressive. It's only get four rowing and four wrong would have been absolutely extraordinary. You would have been going straight to the damn. Am Bank on forum is tough interesting. Telecast tonight I actually thought it was quite a dull show for most of it. There were some head-scratching picks. There were some entertaining speeches. Let's let's we'll get back to nineteen seventeen and all the races. We'll go through race by race but before we do that. Let's just talk. About the telecast itself Ricky Gervais returned earned as the host fifth time he brought a a unique energy the show this year an energy I would describe as fuck all. He really did not seem to care. Think he literally did describe it as that multiple times when he told the audience to go fuck themselves. He was mercilessly bleeped. Throughout out the night He really had the attitude of a person who would be happy to be anywhere else but at this award show I'll be honest. I know it's not cool to set kind kind of enjoyed it you did I. I kind of enjoyed it not because I thought he was funny or useful but just because it was different. I've never really seen that before. There was a train wreck vibe to it you. You kept cackling at like you. Would just he would say something and it would be silent and then and then you would react to the fact that nothing was happening but him just like melting down. I love the idea of people who work at network or a famous person in the audience watching just like quietly recoiling at everything happening onstage on stage. There's something kind of joker ask about that and I I thought your race was kind of like fake provocative. Most of the night and a lot of the jokes. We're kind of like ooh look at me but not actually with anything deep to say about anything which is a lot of his humor in the last five to ten years but he definitely succeeded in bringing just the sheer shear nihilism to the performance. Yeah and I thought that was the one thing that was a mistake. I don't really care about Ricky Gervais xl. I didn't think he was very funny but I wasn't offended ended. My main thought process there is monologue was like oh I really don't like comedy like I don't like the active comedy or anyone who thinks that they're a comedian. It's just like not for me so you know. Yeah that's that's how I spent my time tonight but bio for you by the way comedy. Not For me. It's really not just don't care. I don't think it's funny but I agree that the show is boring and it felt like purposeless a lot of the time and some of that you remarked as we were watching all the commercials for like whatever weird. NBC Plane Show. They were debut and it would say when it was airing on NBC would say like an streaming the next day and there were commercials for Peacock. Doc and Amazon and ethics and all of the platforms and it was just very clear that this is a network. TV like dying right in front of our eyes yes it was a stegosaurus. Soroush slowly falling to its dinosaur needs so hiring someone to stand up on stage and be like this doesn't matter on the one on hand it's true it really doesn't. It's very putting his finger on the truth of the thing but you know they're still trying to get people to watch the show for three hours in order to cover. The advertising is and and to save their network and it I just did. Your Vase just reminded me of like this. Like this is an outdated form like. This actually has no relevance it didn't make me feel feel bad about committing my time to it though for some reason maybe that's just a six drain of my personality. But I I never felt like well I do. Think the show at Townsville purposeless. I didn't think think that his like ruthlessly blase approach to everything. I I just I. I liked it. There was. It was not the same old like back patty glad handing and and also the same Tina fey and amy poehler ask like were above it but will also do the show Biz dance thing you know that. That was raised a characteristic of their three times hosting. I think all of which were pretty fantastic. I I love them as hosts but the tonality of their hosting was always like. Isn't this stupid but also I will perform for it. This was the first time I ever saw anybody in this job. Go like fuck it. I don't care yeah I guess that's interesting as a one one time thing. I don't think you can ever do it again. Right couldn't run it back. Yeah and he swore up and down that he would not be back. I just I understand that reaction. I spent the whole time being like I'm being reminded so many different ways that I have complete control over what I want to watch now and what I content I want to take in and I just. I really really don't need to be listening to ricky surveys right now. which is now because she was defending me or because he was spectacularly unfunny? I was like I don't need this it's a great point I wonder how what what percentage of humans who are watching television. I chose actively to just throw on a streaming service instead of watch this award. Show which is what they would have done. Yeah say fifteen years ago to fascinating thing anything else else to say about your vase. I mean he really just gave his monologue and then came out. And kinda deep side his way through a couple of introductions and that was really the whole show that is true I they will say that the only kind of provocation that I was like I'll give him credit for or the I will remember is every time he would just yell back at the audience. Yes.

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