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Is without question. The most you're ever going to hear a punter getting. Although drew Crispin the Michigan state game. Remember, he he took the microphone because he had six punts inside the light that among the two, but congratulations to him in Avery. Even though woody's probably looking down on what is happening. Spring game. That was pretty cool pretty fun. We've talked about office defense. But really one thing we missed today day was really kicking game. Which one things I thought that Jim tressel did it was it was a great not took it over to ODU to when we'd have the special teams screaming, and I'll tell you guys would open that up. And that was actually I thought what is this? When he first brought it it was actually kind of fun to watch fun to watch every play was upon or some kind of special teams everything was a special teams play. And you know, a lot of those guys are the same guys all you know, all game long. And then they go back to back place for like an hour. Wow. Yeah. Congratulations drew Christmas and the play of the game coming at halftime when he proposed to his girlfriend Avery and she said, yes, we'll come back as we start to wrap up our best Buckeye coverage. Spring game postgame show Bill Conley. And Eric Reaser would need Matt McCoy right here on six ten WTVN. She'll riley. Columbus is morning news, Monday morning. We'll be grown down on game. Four blue jackets in the playoffs..

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