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Great to have you, it is the JOE PAGS show. Thanks love or stopping by. Lots going on lots to get to. Ted nugent his own self next hour, the motor. City Madman getting it done. was turned back from going to support the blue for some reason in new. York I don't think a good reason was given, and then it was reported that he was disinvited. He says, that's patently untrue. He blamed on Cuomo and onto blasio. So we'll make sure that we cover all of that and then some next hour with Ted nugent also on the program Mark Laudner. He's Director Strategic Communications trump twenty twenty. We'll talk to him about about that very topic that was brought up by Aj will biden be will be debating the president and I think the answer is in factly, no, because that would really really bad for him because there's something wrong there. Let me tell you that there's some really big news going on David Horowitz's new book splint. A new book blitz trump will smash often. Wayne has just five weeks now in just five weeks. It's been the New York Times bestseller. How about that? It's been a bestseller on Amazon for a long time. But now the New York. Times a liberal times have to admit that blitz. A pro trump book is now one of the best selling books in the nation there to even president trump tweeted up blitzes a hot book. Let's predicted that the Democrats would use race as an issue against trump and we know that they have Mike Huckabee says, if every American reads blitz, trump would win in a landslide blitz reveals the. The surprising things trump will do you need to get blitz. Now at bookstores everywhere, check out the free offer, save twenty, eight dollars, go to blitz four, one, one, dot com blitz four, one, one, dot com or call eight hundred newsmax. That's eight hundred newsmax right now, don't forget to watch David Horowitz newsmax TV as well. It's now on every major cable systems and satellite system I, watch it I, appear on it, you're gonNA like it. So go check out Newsmax TV and make sure you get this great book. Blitz. Today. Go to the phone lines. I. Appreciate you taking the time. It's going to be lying to just in his in Corpus Christi Justin. Hey. Joe First off I love the show. Thank you. Secondly, do not ever ever ever delete a post that pissed off twitter don't. Worth it well. We'll the only thing is though Justin I'm losing the reach so I can't put out the truth when the left is lying and they know that that's why they. Like me. My. Brother. Go to Gab. Tried I tried Gab I didn't love it, but I did Enron, I'm on parlor and minds among quite a few. But again I mean you you. You gather that many people on twitter and then twitter says, oh, by the way you told the truth, we're not GonNa let anybody see it, which is kind of crazy. What else you got exactly exactly. So that's the problem is they want to filter the truth. So here's my question. Why is not the FCC looking into the Democratic campaign contributions from social? Media. If, they WANNA talk about foreign. Interference with the election and they want to pin trump to the cross. He was Christ or something for something that was so mundane improving falls. Why haven't they went ahead and said, Hey, wait a minute. Social media is contributing billions of dollars to the Democrats, not just the presidential, but the Senate races we ll be honest know who cares who's in the White House for eight years, but you look at Nancy Pelosi in Dianne Feinstein it, and that absolutely piece of human filth Chuck Schumer, who's been there for eight years or some. God, God, awful amount of time. Eighty years, it feels like it. But there no, you're right and I'm with you. In fact this week make sure you tune in. We'll have Brendan car from the FCC on this week to talk about the twitter ban to talk about These these contributions to talk about even in a black lives matter actually sending money to act blue, which is a Democrat Political Action Committee. So we'll talk about all that. Joe Joe, YOU'RE GONNA. Love this, my grandfather, who was like eighty three years old and he goes just in why is everybody pissed off at the The the Bureau of Land Management I said, GRANDPA, what are you talking about I? Think it was this little? Thing, why are they? Land managed God, bless him. I would like GRANDPA. Hold on a second. We're going to have to talk about some stuff real quick. We're had to get real real real quick. That's good stuff. Adjusted I gotTa Run I. Appreciate You. That's funny. Carry his his grandfather's sinking bureau. Trouble yeah, yeah. It's GonNa be black lives matter and I'm not sure if GRANDPA navigates the Internet but but I hope Justin shows him exactly what be a limb is is going to be Brett in Texas Brett what's going on hi Hey. Joe I. Love You like a brother. Yeah. Man So twitter is the battleground facebook's to battleground. I'm on facebook a lot and then I get blocked and I get put in facebook jail but you got to work with it because that's where P that's where you have your exposure. See just can't leave that you've got two hundred thousand dollars. So obviously can't dumped the account that'd be ridiculous right. But you might is change change the tweet added it put a Lincoln article that's pro hydroxy, Clark winters a lot out there. There's dozens and dozens I've been linking on facebook. or delayed to tweet and do another tweet and just come at it from another angle man, just just change get the truth out there. But in a way that's responsive to what they're demanding. I went when I when I protested when I when I appealed, they give you a chance to say what your appeal is and I said this tweet is not only true. Here's an article backing up from a Yale professor and they've ignored my appeal for six days. I don't want to cancel the appeal because that gives them a free ride that they have to be called on the carpet when they do something wrong my appeal. Appeal was was valid great website. I. Gave a professor, an epidemiologist who backs me up and I'm not going to back off because I think that that gives them the right. Now to any time, they want to suspend me and forced me to change what I wanted to write. If I wrote something that said you must take. Hydroxy. Clark are all shall die. I understand why you would suspend me I didn't saving like that. Well, maybe you'll be able to get through to them. No, actually bring it back on, but don't let your account go idol, don't let it. Don't let it sit. There was actually putting out the truth because we need as many people out there fighting the good fight patriots as possible putting the truth out there. There's an article by American Association for Physicians and Surgeons, and they're actually suing the FDA right now, I don't hear a lot about that in the news, but it's happening. Yeah. Because the left is going to hide something like. Brennan got to run. I'm just about at a time I, appreciate you and that's Interesting. Same said, don't delete it or delete it, and this guy says deleted everybody. Else's don't delete it. Take a stand. The appeal process actually is pretty indepth and you get to respond to it. I. Said, there's nothing in this tweet. That is wrong. That's illegal. That is dangerous. That's threatening and fact here's an article backing up what I just said. Ignored me for six days. They didn't.

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