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55 degrees at 10 O'clock and Good Morning. I'm Joe Bartlett Charge is expected to be announced today against Minnesota Police Officer Kim Potter Washington County attorney's been considering potential charges, including manslaughter after three days of protests here today, charges could be announced against Brooklyn Center Police officer Kim Potter. She's the one who fired her weapon allegedly accidentally meaning to fire her Taser. Veteran of the force could learn. She is charged today. Prosecutors in the neighboring county reviewing the case, they say they plan to decide mid day today like Stone, ABC News, Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. And that comes just miles away from where the defense is going to continue to present its case that the Derrick Children trial charged in the death of George Floyd. So far we've heard from a use of force expert here's correspondent Alex Parents. For the first time, a police veteran testifying showman's actions were justified defense calling former Officer Berry broad as a use of force expert. I felt that officer showman's interactions of Mr Floyd We're following his training The defense, which has focused on Floyd's drug use before the encounter, with police, also calling a woman who was with him at the time show Wanda Hill testifying, Floyd had nodded off in the car, and she tried several times to wake him up. When the police arrived. Federal officials say the paws on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine should only last a couple of days. Nearly seven million doses have been administered so far, but six women developed a rare blood clot into the CDC. The six people with these rare blood clots were women between 18 and 48 years old. They all got sick about 6 to 13 days after getting vaccinated. Five of them. Their first symptom was a headache. Four of them dealt with neurological symptoms like feeling weak and not being able to talk or understand words. One of the six women was hospitalized and died of a brain hemorrhage after experiencing a gradually worsening headache one week after the shot another in her late forties, was hospitalized in Nebraska with what doctors say was profound bleeding. Correspondent Steve Wilson, summing the empty A Zone survey says New Yorkers do not feel safe on the subway and Mayor de Blasio is unhappy about so angry the empty A released a survey of subway safety concerns, the mayor hopped on a train and declared the agency should be encouraging, not discouraging ridership. The agency used the survey's findings that just 26% of writers were satisfied with safety from crime and harassment to call for more cops on the subways, The mayor argues, there's already enough cops to which an empty Spokesman quipped. We're glad the mayor finally rode the subway this week. Alice stacked in Rosine E. W. O R News President Biden Gotto announced today he is withdrawing the remaining 2500 troops in Afghanistan by September. 11th the war in Afghanistan nearly 20 years old. And finally, it's reported this morning that burning made off has died in federal prison. He's serving the 150 year prison sentence for the $50 billion Ponzi scheme. Bernie Madoff was 82 years old. General threes on time right now, Let's get.

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