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The Fairmount commuter rail line today that after three cars were knocked off the tracks last night. No rail service on the line this morning. Three US marine killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan. Identified all of them based at fort devons Sokha sports, no on short term rentals like Airbnb on residential property Celtics at the playoffs with a win. Red Sox lose the home opener and are now three and nine Catholic priest and Andover pulled from the pulpit following sexual abuse allegations WBZ TV's Jim Smith says claims of the attacks come from decades ago tough times Tina Guston's church in Andover. Explosive allegations against the church. Pastor father Peter gory placed on administrative leave by the archdiocese after allegations of sexually abusing child. Attorney Mitchell Garabedian says his client is now about forty in the abuse happened in nineteen ninety preyed on innocent child. He groomed. A child and father gory would sexually abusing parents in the Perisher caught off guard is just had brick in for me to come here. Right nine to here. Something like that. In a letter father gory to- parishioners, I assure you as I assured the provincial the accusation is false. I cannot live in the parish rectory. And I cannot publicly celebrate the sacraments without special permission. So you will not be seeing me for a while. And I appreciate your prayer for support. And we're getting word that another priest of the mayor back valley is facing accusations of sexual abuse of a minor Reverend William waters, formerly a pastor at the former Saint Augustine parish in Lawrence is accused by an unidentified victim. The eagle trivial reports. Attorney Mitchell Garabedian says the same victim claims waters. Attacked him to also in the early nineteen nineties waters is currently working for the church in Philadelphia. The number of measles cases as a concern in nearly twenty states and in New York City. The outbreak has led to an order for vaccinations. Here's ABC's Mark Remmel are at least twenty one people hospitalized five of them critical here in New York City as an outbreak of measles has occurred. Mostly in the city. Ultra orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Williamsburg, Brooklyn mayor Bill, the Blasios we have a situation. Now, where children are endanger measles is one of the world's most contagious diseases. But the MR vaccine is ninety seven percent effective. New York City now mandating vaccinations threatening fines for those who don't comply. Mark Remillard, ABC news. New York a close call at a grocery store insurance berry as WBZ TV's. Mike lacrosse tells us it was the pharmacy to the rescue a Monday morning trip to Wegmans almost took a turn for the worst for Kathy museum. If it wasn't for the pharmacy. Staff says really scary. And I really appreciate everything. They did Cathy was sharing some fruit with her four year old son at the stores cow say with her mouth went numb the pharmacist on duty sack recognized her allergic reaction and gave her an epi pen Kathy spent some time in the emergency room at UMass memorial. The doctor told her to get her own empty. Penn as soon as possible so back she went to wagmans waiting for her with her prescription Obukhov flowers from the pharmacy. And if electic shock can be fatal eight forty eight now months after the deadly gas explosions and fires in the barometric valley, Columbia gas is still not done replacing home appliances, destroyed by the blast. The company says they'll get to everyone by September fifteenth and in the like for like replacement policy, which will focus on high efficiency appliances, the next phase also includes lawn and concrete repair Columbia gas will be notifying affected homeowners. You can call him wicked smart. A Las Vegas man is on a roll on jeopardy winning more than one hundred thousand dollars and breaking records in the process. He's a professional sports gambler. And he's just said a new record on jeopardy..

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